Smile Makers’ Vibrator Line Is Perfect for Beginners *and* Impressed a Sex Toy Veteran

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Smile Makers is the friendliest line of vibrators I’ve seen in a long while, which may be a weird review for products used in and on your genitals, but I stand by it. The toys come in perfect-for-spring pastels, have ergonomic handles for easy use, and boast an energy that says, "Hey pal, do you want an orgasm today?" As such, Smile Makers vibrators are a great choice for newbies to self-pleasure with toys, but as a seasoned sex-toy user, I can vouch for them being a perfect for any vulva-owner.

All Smile Makers vibrators are made from high-quality silicone and are super straightforward to use. Each has one button, four speeds, and two pulsation modes, which is a win considering how complicated the settings can be on sex toys. Also of note is that the company has a quiz that can help you find the right vibe for you. But if you want a little firsthand intel from someone who thoroughly enjoyed the whole team, scroll down to learn more.

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Looking for a new buzzy buddy? Check out Smile Makers vibrators, and learn which is best for you.

The billionaire
The Billionaire — $60.00

The Billionaire has BDE…but not too big. It’s kind of like a classic bullet vibrator, yet just a little bit bigger, allowing it to reach the G-region, the internal hub for easier penetrative vaginal orgasms.

Great for: Those who are still exploring what they want in bed—which, okay, is all of us, in a sense. The Billionaire, though, is notable for being the most introductory toy of all Smile Makers vibrators. Its tip is perfect for evenly distributed clitoral stimulation (because sometimes those pinpoint tips just way too much) while the body is a solid length and girth for seamless penetration. If you’re someone who prefers straightforward sex play that’s uncomplicated but deeply satisfying, the Billionaire is your best bet.

smile firefighter
The Firefighter — $60.00

While having a very steamy time rewatching Bridgerton, the Firefighter came to my rescue. With a raised “nose” and a flat fan, it offers full coverage of your entire vulva while still paying attention to your clit. Rocking this baby back and forth is a joy I’m not about to soon forget (probably because I’ll be doing that later tonight).

Great for: Those who want something unique they can’t necessarily get from a partner, or someone who adores a full-coverage, external thrill (or both!). Likewise, if you’re into a solid warmup when it comes to your sex play, the slow-burn-to-full-flames journey the Firefighter supplies will light you up.

the french lover
The French Lover — $60.00

The French Lover was my absolute favorite of the Smile Makers vibrators. The oral sex simulator is designed in a way that appears noticeably less intimidating than other oral sex toys I’ve played with. The stimulator is a little thin to feel like a proper tongue, but add a little lube or arousal oil, and you’ll find yourself in deep fantasy mode.

When I first tried the French Lover, though, I was half asleep, totally winging it, and lubeless. Even then I got the most delightful climax. The novelty of the stimulation left me with an orgasm explosively different than my usual in a way that I can’t pinpoint—yet definitely appreciate.

Great for: Those who live for oral or love a lighter touch. The French Lover is a tickler of sorts; while the Firefighter is more feathery in its design, Frenchie is more feather light in feel. And if you’re someone who does have a few sex toys on your nightstand, I’d absolutely recommend adding the French Lover to your collection. It’s the kind of vibe that wins by sheer unconventionality, matched with a feel that’s much-loved and familiar.

the tennis pro
The Tennis Pro — $60.00

The Tennis Pro truly has a cheerful design and a friendly face, with that ball-shape end specifically made to tap the front wall of the vagina. That’s right, this is a G-spot-specific toy that’s great for those who crave the sensation. And even though I don’t prefer full-throttle penetration during self-pleasure, I did, ahem, take one for the team. What I’ll say is this: G-spot seekers will have no trouble acing their orgasm with Tennis Pro. Pair with some a little clitoral rubbing if you want something truly blended and magnificent.

Great for: Two completely different types of pleasure-seekers! The bulbous end of the Tennis Pro has an ersatz massage wand vibe, which is to say it can explore the full court of your body. The person who wants to roll and even knead over erogenous zones before you reach your entryway will love that. But obviously, if you love thumping out on your sweet spot, the Tennis Pro is a must-have. Enjoy, old sport!

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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