The 6-Ingredient Green Smoothie That Gives “GLOW” Star Betty Gilpin Her, Well, Glow

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Does anyone have more BDE right now than Betty Gilpin? The blonde goddess is killing it in season two of Netflix's GLOW with her kickass attitude and don't-mess-with-me wrestling moves. Something else that comes across in HD: her skin is Beyonce-level flawless. It's hard not to look at her and think, I'll have what she's having.

It turns out, her secret comes in the form of a six-ingredient smoothie. "If I let myself act like a pirate person, I'll eat popcorn and lounge all day. But if I do one healthy thing when I wake up—like make a smoothie with kale, spirulina, almond milk, almond butter, protein powder, and coconut oil—it puts me on track to do a series of healthy things," she spills to Women's Health.

But that's not her only skin-saving hack. "As a result of having a long and arduous road with my skin, I start my morning with certain things that have helped me combat acne," she says. "I drink this green thing called Macro Greens with some mint-flavored chlorophyll. Then, I take all these vitamins—to try to tell myself that I’m a person who takes vitamins. I take fish oil and turmeric and zinc, all this skin stuff."

After she gets her beauty sips and supplements in, she's ready to put her fresh face forward (in an '80s-tastic look from head to toe) and werk. Glow on, girl.

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