The Avocado Emoji Just Got One-Upped

Photo: Stocksy/Michela Ravasio
When it comes to emojis, your metaphysical options are fairly limited—it’s either the crystal ball, mala beads...or nothing. (Meanwhile, there are 12 different train emojis. Really?)

But a new tech start-up, Happy Noise, has developed a genius way to bring some woo-woo pizzazz to your group chats. It's designed electronic talismans to help dispel the negative juju and bad news that light up your phone each day—think palo santo sticks, amethyst crystals, kale smoothies, and more. “For example, by texting a sage emoji, you virtually cleanse your digital space," explains Jaspre Guest, the company's co-founder. “Happy Noise was created for the sole purpose of cleansing our feeds."

happy-noise-emojisGuest and her partner Fabrizio Babino take their healing mission super seriously. They waft sage smoke around each tiny icon before it goes live, and recommend infusing the emojis with an intention when you project them out into the world.

“I visualize what I'm sending to help that person manifest what they need—like protection, success, or joy," Guest says. "My friend had surgery the other day and I sent her Archangel Rafael, who's the angel of health with his healing green light."

Happy Noise's new app, which costs $.99, has over 100 high-vibe emojis that can be downloaded on either your iPhone or Android (they also turned a few of them into super-cute enamel pins for $10).

Plus, like Lena Dunham and Beth Cooke told W+G, there’s nothing worse than giving away an IRL crystal to someone who doesn’t appreciate it. With these digital amulets, you can bestow good vibes while keeping your actual stash intact—insert praise hands emoji here.

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