Genius Idea: Turn a Corner of Your WFH Space Into a Snack Station That Will Rival Your Former Office’s

In the before days—if you worked in an office that blissfully stocked a full snack station—you'd just saunter over every time you felt a hunger pang or, frankly, needed a break from staring at a screen. But now that your office is whichever room in your home has the most counter space, you're missing out on one of the best perks of going into work (you know, besides chatting with your co-workers face-to-face).

Sure, being able to wear pajama pants all day has its own appeal, but if anything is true about WFH it's that we could all use more fun, more spontaneity, and more snacks. And that's why the time has come to carve out a corner for your own at-home snack station.

Start with the ultimate classic: popcorn. Smartfood® Smart 50® Popcorn packs a punch of flavor with only 50 calories per cup or less, and because it's so light and airy, it also makes the perfect vehicle for all your favorite mix-ins if you're feeling spontaneous (personalization is always appreciated).

To get your new favorite space in peak snacking shape, we're rounding up more healthy snack-station essentials that'll help you bring your nook together. Get ready for the ultimate WFH break.

Keep scrolling for more at-home snack station must-haves that might top your former workspace's.

smart50 popcorn snack station

Smartfood® Smart 50® Popcorn, $4

Again, what's easier, tastier, and honestly more fun than popping a handful of popcorn into your mouth? (Trick question.) Smartfood® Smart 50® Popcorn comes in sea salt and white cheddar—the only two flavors that matter, tbh—so you're covered every time you need a snack ASAP.

SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker, $80 

A key part of the formal office snack spot is the beverage options (plus with all that chewing, you'll need a thirst quencher). This SodaStream sparkling water maker allows you to choose how many bubbles you want and which flavor you're feeling. Plus, less waste makes for a smoother clean-up for your area (and the planet).

metal straws

Youngever Reusable Stainless Steel Straws - Set of 12, $13

There's nothing like sipping out of a (metallic, reusable, sustainable) straw to make you feel fancy. Pour your seltzer into a glass, add straw, and sip. It's the little things.

Nut Harvest Nut & Fruit Mix, $41

Yes, popcorn is the king of snacks that can obviously be enjoyed on its own. But, if it's a Friday and you're feeling extra for happy hour on the couch, feel free to add some mix-ins. From cashews to walnuts to dried cranberries with sunflower seeds—these all blend well with the OG.

Coimbra Mint Mini Bowl, $10

If you're into DIY-ing your own snack mix, this is the artisanal, matches-anything bowl to eat it out of. (And there's really nothing more satisfying than a stack of matching tableware.)

copper storage baskets

AmazonBasics Wire Storage Baskets - Set of 3, $35

What made your office's snack station so appealing was the no-maintenance, super-organized approach. Set yourself up for optimal snacking success with these copper storage baskets, perfect for throwing a bag (or ten) of popcorn into.

West Elm Kaloh Kitchen Canisters, starting at $20

Speaking of storage, these cute canisters will hold nuts, coffee beans, or any other refueling essentials in one grab-and-go spot.

And that brings us to the last thing: The actual station. Add a pop of color with this bar-cart-turned-snack-organizer. Bold? Yes. But so is devoting a corner of your space just to snacks, and here we are. It has three levels to give you plenty of real estate, so you can just focus on the important stuff (snacking, of course).

Article sponsored by Smartfood® Smart 50®

Top photo: Well+Good Creative

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