Say ‘Goodbye’ to Sweaty Feet and Blisters With These Top-Rated Socks For Runners

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It might seem trivial, but socks can truly make or break a workout at times. The wrong pair, left to its own devices, sags down into the heel cup before bunching its way into your arches, leaving you with a fat blister across your Achilles tendon (and weird bunch discomfort while you’re running, cycling, or HIITing).

While the saying “don’t sweat the small stuff” is typically quite true, in this case, the devil is in the details—the blister preventing details—and this little addition of comfort and thoughtful design can keep you on your A-game whilst keeping to your exercise routine. Ahead, five of our favorite socks for all types of exercise.

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Nike Spark — $18.00

The combination of solid padding (but only in the areas that count), a snug fit, and thoughtful tab design make these lightweight, supersoft, comfortable socks a runner’s delight. Ranging in sizes from a Women’s 5.5 to a Men’s 16, there’s a fit for practically every foot—and the color combinations add a fun punch of vibrant hues, too.

Adidas Women's Superlite Badge Of Sport No Show Sock (6 Pack) — $15.00

Soft, simple, super comfortable, and among the most affordable options out there, Adidas really comes through with their no-show socks. For quickie workouts in comfortable shoes, walks, and even just everyday use, these sneaky socks are as much a style choice as they are a practical purchase.

JackRabbit Feetures Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab Socks — $12.00

When you need cushion, look no further than these from Feetures, the GOAT of cushioned socks. Seamless toes, an ankle tab to prevent sliding, and high density cushioning make your feet feel cloud-like and cushy, even if you’re wearing uncomfortable borrowed Spin shoes in a studio.

Lululemon Power Stride Anti-Stink Ankle Sock — $18.00

Where to even begin with these? Perhaps with the incredibly silky material, or maybe the arch support and “ergo toes” design, or even the anti-stink yarns to inhibit bacterial growth and… well, stink. The entire collection of Lululemon’s Stride socks are impeccably designed, but these, in particular, are one of our favorites for a variety of activities and workouts.


Alo Yoga Throwback Sock — $18.00

While the Alo Yoga Conceal sock (with a nice little heel grip) for everyday sneaker wear is one of our favorites, this retro gym-class-inspired crew sock is just such a classic, and so fun. Supersoft yarn, plush cushioning, and a variety of color combinations make this sock a simple pleasure.

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