The Skin-Care Brand That Makes Butt-Ne Disappear Overnight Is Having a Gigantic Site-Wide Sale

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You might think that body acne is exclusively a summer problem, but—surprise!—butt breakouts can strike hard in the fall and winter, too. As many of us transition from flow-y dresses and shorts to compressive leggings with a lot of friction and very little breathing room, it creates a perfect environment for butt-ne to flourish. One easy way to combat that is more exfoliation—and the brand we trust the most to buff away dull, dead, and congested skin while simultaneously keeping it nourished and hydrated is Soft Services.

Soft Services makes products that are gentle enough to be used every day (even if you have ultra-sensitive skin) yet powerful enough to get the job done. And lucky for us (and our butts), the brand is having a massive site-wide sale for Black Friday. From November 25-28, get 20 percent off, site-wide.

We're especially eyeing the Buffing Bar, which I personally love to use all over to get baby-smooth skin (it even buffs away my upper arms, leaving them smooth and supple). Our senior beauty editor, Zoë Weiner, swears by the Buffing Bar to make her butt-ne disappear in just three days."As someone who tests all kinds of 'miracle-working' beauty products for a living (a whole lot of which turn out to be BS—just being real here), I don't use that term lightly. After using the bar to scrub my behind for three days, there's nary a pimple in sight," she says,

soft services
Buffing Bar in "New Spice" (2-Pack) — $24.00

Originally $30, now $24

Exactly the same formula as the originally Buffing Bar, just with a subtle festive fragrance. “If pumpkin spice had a father,” is how Soft Services describes it, and we agree.

What makes the Buffing Bar work so well is that it targets folliculitis, which is what's likely causing the blemish-like bumps on your booty. Folliculitis, which looks and feels like acne, actually isn't acne at all. It happens when material (like leggings and underwear) rubs up against your skin, traps bacteria, and creates inflammation—it's even worse if you're working out and getting really sweaty. The Buffing Bar sloughs away dead skin cells and unclogs pores, leaving skin soft and smooth after one shower. It's made from superfine and gentle sanding crystals, so it feels like you're rubbing your body with a pumice stone. The hydrating aloe and glycerin infuse skin with moisture.

And if you're also targeting those upper arm bumps, aka keratosis pilaris, the Buffing Bar's exfoliating prowess is a great solution. Keratosis pilaris is just a buildup of keratin on your arms, so giving them a good scrub once a week will minimize the bumpiness and redness.

Buffing Bar aside, we're taking this Black Friday sales event as an opportunity to stock up on our other Soft Services favorites, which include the Speed Soak, an ultra-absorbing lotion that restores skin barrier function 30 seconds after you apply post-shower. It was a must for me in the summer when I was constantly showering post-pool or beach, and it's a must for me now during the fall and winter. When it feels like my skin just can't get enough moisture, I apply this gel cream on my arms and legs and watch my flaky, alligator legs transform.

That's thanks to its duo of star ingredients, glycerin and Aquaxyl. Glycerin is a humectant, which means it absorbs into the skin's barrier more efficiently, and Aquaxyl is a patented ingredient that replenishes skin's hydration levels. Both work in unison to give you maximum moisture, which is what skin desperately needs more of this season (especially if you're exfoliating more frequently!).

Dealing with dry, inflamed, or chronically itchy skin? The Comfort Cleanse is a worthy investment since its water-gel formula scrubs away dirt and bacteria without leaving skin totally stripped of its natural moisture. Thanks to a generous infusion of glycerin, skin simultaneously feels hydrated *and* clean post-shower. We also love using it while shaving.

Another favorite is the Clearing Mist, which keeps face acne at bay. It's a medicated breakout treatment that's powered by zinc PCA (2 percent) that keeps excessive sebum at bay, niacinamide (5 percent) which evens out hyperpigmented skin, and salicylic acid (1 percent) which dries out zits. Soft Services *finally* restocked this one, so we're naturally adding several bottles to our cart–you never know when a pimple will strike.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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