A Soulcycle and Milk Bar Collab Is Here to Sweeten up Your Post-Workout Protein Game

Photo: SoulCycle
If you work out on the reg, you probably already know your body needs protein after a workout. Not only does it capitalize on all the awesomeness you just did for your body, but it keeps your energy up—and stops you from eating about 10 different things when you get home while you wait the 15 minutes it takes for your dinner to cook. (Just me?) Sure, you can get your fix and go the smoothie route. Or, you can have a cookie. No really, it's good for you!

SoulCycle and Milk Bar teamed up to come out with a protein-packed cookie to nosh on right after your workout. (Or before, if you're in need of a pre-ride boost.) Besides four grams of protein (sourced from macadamia nuts, quinoa puffs, and golden flaxseed meal), you'll find almond flour, turmeric, and natural sweeteners like agave and pineapple juice. As far as a cookie goes, the ingredients list reads pretty clean.

It turns out Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi is a big SoulCycler. Most protein bars don't exactly taste like the cult-favorite treats she's used to selling, so she used her special baking powers to help create a cookie that delivers on taste and workout recovery.

Starting today, the cookies are available for purchase ($5) at Milk Bar stores and online. Something else really sweet: A portion of proceeds will go to SoulScholarship, SoulCycle's non-profit arm whose mission is to bring fitness and the joy of movement to underserved youth.

Healthy cookies aren't the only buzzy health snack you'll find at your next workout: Fitness studios are becoming the place du jour to discover new, good-for-you food brands. Plus, check out the healthy snacks fitness instructors keep in their gym bags.

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