You Can Finally Get Spanx’s Best-Selling, Butt-Loving Leggings on Sale Right Now

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Hot take: Spanx leggings might be the best athleisure piece any person could have in their wardrobe. These things are the stuff of dreams—they're the perfect blend of comfort and sculpting, designed to contour the body in all the right places to provide support and lift where you want it most (talking to you, butts). With leggings this good, it's no wonder why celebs like Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon can't keep their hands off 'em.

Whether you're a black legging devotee or are preferential to prints, you're in luck—some of the brand's best-selling leggings are up to 30 percent off the original price. While you probably know the shapewear brand for it's ultra-sculpting undergarments, Spanx is much more than stretchy, editor-approved underwear. Over the years, the brand has expanded its apparel options across the board, all made in smooth, sleek fabrics that look flattering and feel great, too.

We could go on and on about all-things Spanx, but it's the leggings that should have your attention. From HIIT-class-ready performance pants that can handle a sweat, to lounge-worthy options you'll never want to take off, you'll want to snag a pair or two (or five). Especially since they're currently on sale.

These Spanx leggings deserve a place in your cart, pronto

Active 7/8 Leggings — $69.00

Originally $98, now $69

Buy these leggings and your butt will thank you. They’re made from the brand’s signature sculpting fabric, so you know they’ll scoop and support you in all the right places for life on the go, or on the couch. And there’s no “I can’t exhale or else I’ll burst” feeling—they’re made with a soft, 4-way stretch that gives you effortless breathability when you need it most.

Look at Me Now Seamless Leggings — $48.00

Originally $68, now $48

Seams can often get in the way of, er, in, the wrong places… That’s why we’re in love with these seamless leggings that eliminate any chafing or camel toe sensations. They’re made using a matte twill yarn that’s buttery soft and stays in place. Plus, the trendy camo print, which will stand out in a crowd of black leggings at the gym, studio, and more.

Faux Leather Camo Leggings — $69.00

Originally $98, now $69

Speaking of camouflage, swap your black skinny jeans for something a little more edgy. Whether it’s date night or drinks with friends, these faux leather leggings are the definition of stylish. More importantly, they’re comfortable. If you’ve ever tried to get into leather or pleather, you know it’s not easy. These eliminate the struggle, making them simple to slip on and off, and never bunching, riding up, or feeling stiff while they’re on.

Velvet Leggings — $69.00

Originally $98, now $69

Imagine a velvety Victorian chaise lounge, but for your butt and thighs. That’s these leggings—they’re made from a silky velvet fabric that looks as good as it feels. Dressed up, and you’ve got yourself an effortless outfit that can take you just about anywhere. Dressed down, and you’ve got yourself an athleisure ‘fit almost too good not to wear out (key word: almost). Choose from glistening jewel tones, like emerald green, burgundy, and navy blue.

Booty Boost Active Printed 7/8 Leggings — $69.00

Originally $98, now $69

Who says camouflage has to be green, brown, and black? These colorful pants trade in the traditional camo color palette for something lighter and brighter—and we want them all. There’s the icy Painted Blue Camo, a warmer Painted Ruby Camo, and the summery Wine/Orange Tie-Dye, all of which make black leggings look like a thing of the past (not that they are, obviously). Best part is, they all feature the brand’s booty lifting fabric to give you a lil’ extra boost when you need it most.

Booty Boost Active 7/8 Leggings — $69.00

Originally $98, now $69

If the prints aren’t your thing, you can snag the same booty-loving leggings on sale in a solid brown or dark green. Expect all the same sculpting goodness as the printed version—sweat-wicking fabric, strechy-but-supportive design, some life in the seat—just in solid neutrals bound to be your next favorite staple.

Jean-ish Ankle Leggings — $69.00

Originally $98, now $69

Let’s be honest—I don’t care how stretchy your denim is, jeans just don’t beat the feeling of leggings. Which is why we’re stocking up on these Jean-ish Ankle Leggings, which look like jeans, minus the whole stiff denim thing. Between the sleek fabric, the functional back pockets, and the different prints, and you’ll probably never want to wear real jeans again.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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