10 Luxe Platform Sneakers to Channel Your Inner Spice Girl, à La Gigi Hadid

Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid
Fashion trends always come back 'round again, as evidenced by the recent revitalization of the hair accessoriestearaway pants, and big sweatshirts that were bangin' back in the day. And now another fashion symbol of the era is making a comeback: platform sneakers. If you wannabe the sixth member of the Spice Girls—in time for the just-announced reunion tour, no less—you're not alone. Supermodel Gigi Hadid recently donned a pair of sky-high kicks, and her look will make you want to lace up a pair of your own.

Hadid paired her pastel-pink Buffalo London shoes—which are from the brand's collab with Opening Ceremony—with some high socks and jean shorts. To follow in her footsteps, though, you don't need her exact same pair; there are plenty of soles to choose from, and they'll all spice up your life.

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Many of the brands you already love have their own take on the platform-sneaker trend. And even though you probably shouldn't run a marathon in them (sprained ankles are no joke!), a pair definitely deserves a spot in your Spice Girls–inspired athleisure edit.

Here are 10 platform sneakers to get you started.

Not into platforms? Here are some other designer sneakers that will elevate your look. Or, get your hands on one of these comfy, clunky pairs.

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