Here’s How the Top 5 Spiked Seltzers Compare Nutrition-Wise, According to a Dietitian

White Claw, Truly, Bon & Viv, oh my! Here's the nutrition deets on all the spiked seltzers out there.

Remember that White Claw shortage last month that had people freaking out? Clearly, spiked seltzer is clearly having a major moment. (Sorry mezcal, it's been real.) One of the reasons health-conscious happy hour goers are popping cans of spiked seltzer is because it's generally lower in carbs than beer, and allegedly low in sugar, too. But as for whether these spiked seltzer brands are truly healthy, You Versus Food host and registered dietitian Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD, has some thoughts.

An important PSA from Beckerman before we continue: "Alcohol is not a healthy drink in any form," she says. "If you do choose to drink alcohol, it should always be in moderation." Got all that? Cool. But, she says, spiked seltzer can potentially be a better-for-you option than other types of alcohol, depending on what you buy.

"Spiked seltzer, also known as hard seltzer, is normally made out of carbonated water, alcohol from fermented cane sugar, and fruit flavorings," Beckerman explains. They are also generally gluten-free and lower in carbs and calories than wine. Just don't let that health halo (and delicious flavor, let's be real) fool you into overdoing it—again, alcohol is still alcohol.

As for which brands at the liquor store are the healthiest options, Beckerman compared White Claw, Truly, Bon & Viv, High Noon, and Briggs, giving a critical eye to their ingredients and sugar content. Watch the video above to see her verdict—it just might change what you crack open after work tonight.

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