The Wellness World’s Favorite Sparkling Water Brand Just Got Into the Spiked Seltzer Game

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If you're a sparkling water lover, you already know that not all of them are created equal—either in the ingredients or flavor departments. And for many wellness folks, Spindrift is the crème de la crème thanks to its delicious range of flavors and lack of artificial ingredients. And this week, the brand just announced that it's entering a whole new product category with Spindrift Spiked ($25 for a 12-pack).

What's a registered dietitian's take on spiked seltzer? Watch the video below to find out:

Yes, that's right: Spindrift is launching its very own spiked seltzer. But the brand vows to be different than its many, many competitors. "Recently, we’ve watched as alcohol wandered into the sparkling water space with 'hard seltzers'...and most of us at Spindrift don’t drink hard seltzer," founder and CEO Bill Creelman says. What do they have against a little alcoholic bubbly water? The ingredients. "Many are confused about what a hard seltzer even is and can’t name a single ingredient," Creelman explains. "No wonder; the ingredients read more like a diet soda with alcohol [made with] synthetic zero-calorie sweeteners, weird preservatives, synthetic flavors. Whatever it is, one thing is certain: it isn’t a 'sparkling water' or even a 'seltzer,' the way the name suggests."

Creelman tasked the Spindrift team with making one that fit their standards. "We took everything we learned from the 10 years of making sparkling water: all real ingredients from real squeezed fruit, cold processing, and no synthetics. Then, we introduced a low level of alcohol made from fermented cane sugar at a social 4 percent ABV," Creelman says. The brand decided to launch with four flavors: pineapple, mango, lime, and half tea & half lemon—familiar flavors to die-hard Spindrift fans. (Creelman says they're the four most popular, which is why it made sense to carry them over to the spiked line.)

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  • Bill Creelman, Bill Creelman is the founder and CEO of Spindrift sparkling water and Spindrift Spiked, the brand's line of alcoholic seltzer.

Creelman says it took two years for the Spindrift team to get all four spiked seltzer flavors exactly perfect. While some other brands use chemicals to flavor their products, Spindrift was committed to sticking with fresh fruit. Fruit changes flavor as it ripens and it doesn't always taste uniform season to season, making it harder to work with. But in the end, it was worth it to the brand to stick to using non-synthetic ingredients for flavor.

The spiked seltzers will be available in stores and online starting this spring. After a year of no in-person celebrations, there will (hopefully) be a lot to cheers to this summer. Seeing friends and fam face to face? We'll raise a can to that.

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