7 Instagrams That Will Inspire You to Add (Blue) Majik to Your Diet

Photo: Instagram/@monsflavors

There are superfoods and then there are super-Instagrammable foods, and every once in a while those two things overlap. Case in point? Blue majik, an extract of spirulina. The stuff is ketogenic-friendly (packed with fatty acids), and full of vitamin B12, magnesium, and other detoxifiers that make it the densest source of plant protein. The power powder also boasts brain-boosting, immune-system-aiding, and skin-benefiting properties.

Beyond its résumé of nutritional gold stars, blue majik's photogenic property is thanks to it's naturally vibrant blue hue, which makes everything look like it was blessed by Smurfs and majikians. And, obviously, "everything" here means oatmeal and smoothie bowls: People are creating blue wonders from the stuff and turning Instagram into an indigo wonderland.

Find inspiration for your own majikal and healthy creations below.

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