This New ‘Age Control’ Brand Is Reimagining What It Means To Care For Your Skin and Hair Throughout Your Life

Photo: SpoiledChild
"Getting old is getting old." That's the new tagline from SpoiledChild, a brand that's setting out to reframe the way that people think about aging as it relates to their skin. While "fighting wrinkles" and "staving off greyness" were once value propositions, many people in the industry are flipping that thinking to instead offer the skin what it needs for support throughout a lifetimes (looking at you, retinol and SPF).

The brand, which launched today, uses artificial intelligence to deliver individualized, age-agnostic skin and hair health products to consumers. "Instead of that fear-based message, or even the pro-aging positivity preaching message that many traditional brands will take, with SpoiledChild we're challenging outdated perceptions of age and how that relates to your individual wellness goals and concerns," says Suzanne Fitzpatrick, the brand's co-general manager.

In its pursuit of shifting the aging conversation, SpoiledChild has set out to deliver personalized, best-in-class products that will help consumers support their skin and hair health throughout their lives—no matter how old they are when they decide to start that process.  “I’m having conversations with my younger patients about prejuvenation, and what they can do for their skin now to ensure they have longevity in their regimens,” Michelle Henry, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in New York, previously told Well+Good. “We now have educated consumers who understand the importance of overall skin health in preventing age-related problems, so they won’t have to chase them later with Band-Aid fixes.”

These later-in-life "Band-Aid fixes" are exactly what SpoiledChild is helping people avoid with its age-agnostic line of products. The process starts with a survey on, and then the algorithm—which took over 50,000 hours to develop—does the rest of the work for you. It takes your individual skin and hair concerns into account, then holds them up against 250,000 data points to ensure you're getting the best possible formula to meet your needs. The brand tested more than 400 different formulations ahead of its launch and tested them against market leaders in each category, and wound up with 18 products designed to meet a range of concerns.

As of now, SpoiledChild offers hair serums, hair masks, skin serums, and moisturizers, which address both targeted issues, like acne, loss of collagen, and hair thinning and loss, as well as more general concerns like dull skin and lifeless hair. All of the products come in recycled, refillable (and, might I add, gorgeous) packaging, which only adds to their appeal. Caring for the longevity of your skin is a worthwhile pursuit no matter how old you are, and with this latest launch, you've now got the products you need to do exactly that well into the future.

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