6 Sports Bras With Pockets So You Don’t Have To Hold Your Phone While You Run

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It's only when the weather finally gets warm enough to workout outside without a jacket that I actually have the passing thought that I may be jealous of kangaroos. Yes, you heard me correctly. Without a puffer or fleece with pockets to hold my phone, keys, wallet, mask, and power bar during my run, I'm left weighing the lesser of two evils every morning—do I wear another layer with pockets and drip sweat, or do I shove all of my earthly possessions between my boobs in my bra, resulting in a damp earbud case and a few dropped phone scares? This is when I wish I had a built-in pouch.

However, the answer to these morning quandaries and the perfect solve for a hands-free workout that doesn't leave you with a fanny pack or scouring the Australian outback is a simple one: sports bras with pockets. They are simple, keep everything safe, can be worn alone or nearly seamlessly under a workout T-shirt, and are the perfect stress-free way to make sure you have all of the essentials you need on you for a run, a hike, or even a quick jaunt to the store.

Shop Pocket Sports Bras

Brooks Drive 3 Pocket Run Bra — $50.00

This new three pocket sports bra from Brooks is made for and tested by runners. It has the perfect amount of compression, which means that whatever you’re holding in the pockets won’t cause too much extra movement or feel like you’re carrying weight, and one of the pockets is made to perfectly fit your phone.


Urban Savage Pocket Bra, — $80.00

Tested while running a six-minute-per-mile pace, this long line bra is high support to keep everything in place. The style comes with removable pads and is great for any kind of high-intensity activity. The best part is that, because it has a wide base, it can double as a crop top too.


Nike Medium-Support Pocket Sports Bra — $50.00

Made for trail runners, this sports bra is fitted with multiple hidden pockets and a medium-compression fabric for a body-hugging feel. The sweat-wicking material is made to keep you dry, while the mesh panels allow for some extra breathability.

Senita Athletics Perfect Pocket Sports Bra, $27 — $27.00

With chafe-resistant seams and adjustable clasps on the back for the perfect fit, this sporty, stylish bra comes in 5 unique colors with an elevated, razor-cut pattern on the back. It’s great for spinning, jogging, and zumba.

Queenieke Back Pocket Sports Bra — $20.00

This Amazon-fave bra comes in 14 different shades and patterns. It not only features a back pocket that’s sized to hold your phone, but also a bonded eyelet to thread your headphones through to avoid the inevitable, pesky, post-run detangle.

Oiselle Flyout Bra — $64.00

With thick straps to limit any shoulder-digging, this sports bra was made for long runs. It provides great protection under a hydration pack, and the higher neck, and brand’s trademarked Power Plya fabric make it super supportive for larger breasts.

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