7 Squat-Proof Leggings That Are Comfortable, Supportive, and Perfect for Leg Day

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Up until recently, my in-person visits to the gym have been pretty non-existent. I've gotten used to the whole work-out-from-home style setting. But now, I'm ready to exercise in public again, and the dread of unintentional visible panty line (aka, VPL) is top of mind. Leggings are already difficult to shop for when it comes to sizing, and then weeding out which ones can adequately cover your backside when you bend over and squat can be even more of a challenge.

Thankfully, squat-proof leggings that don't show your panty lines do exist—the key is often in the color and the material. For the most part, you want something that's going to be durable and thick enough to block out your underwear, but still stretchy enough that provides you with total freedom of movement, like a polyester blend. This is a naturally water-resistant material and breathable fabric. They should also hit you at or above your waistline. (Low-rise leggings are not an option for squats, hate to break it to ya.)

If you're still not sure how to pinpoint what leggings can deliver on a squat test, we've curated some of the best options for you to snag. Below, the best squat-proof leggings, based on product descriptions and user reviews, from top-tier brands like Luluemon, Beyond Yoga, and more.

The best squat-proof leggings to shop for right now

lululemon Align High-Rise Pant 25
Lululemon, Align™ High-Rise Pant 25" — $98.00

If there was a hall of fame for leggings, the Align pants would probably be crowned No. 1. The pants have become a Lululemon staple, thanks to the notoriously soft Nulu fabric. It’s incredibly smooth, easy to move around in, and feels just like a second layer of skin—seriously. But even as lightweight as they are, there’s no VPL in sight. So, whether you’re in the middle of Downward Dog or Warrior’s Pose, your backside is pretty much covered.

What reviews say: These leggings are the best ones. I did notice the material was thicker than the original Align leggings. But that did not stop me from loving them. I do feel that the thicker material on the color leggings gives the extra protection of not having a ‘peep show’ when squatting or bending over,” — Lululemon customer.


gymshark leggings
Gymshark, Flex High Waisted Leggings — $50.00

I never met a pair of Gymshark leggings that I didn’t love, but these may be my absolute favorite to wear, especially for HIIT workouts. The high waistband provides great tummy control and stays put during plyometric moves like jumping squats and lunges. The fabric is slightly thick, but still comfortable enough that you can wear them on the couch. Plus, I love the extra lift and shape these add to the butt. All in all, if you want something in between compression and barely-there, these are a happy medium.

What reviews say: “The waistband was a little bigger than I wanted it to be, but I loved the way the leggings fit. They were super comfy! I could wear them in a workout and also be very comfortable wearing them all day (because I did),” — Gymshark customer.

sweaty betty Power 7:8 Workout Leggings
Sweaty Betty, Power 7/8 Workout Leggings — $100.00

The Power Leggings may not be the same pants that Jennifer Aniston loves, but they’re just as good—if not better. They’re designed for any and every type of workout; wear them as running leggings or to your kickboxing session. The fabric is lightweight and is made with 38 percent elastane to add some serious stretch and freedom of movement. Plus, you can even adjust the waistband for a more secure fit on the hips. The pants come in 42 colors (!) and are available in full length, too.

What reviews say: “I bought these leggings for yoga and they are perfect. They fit well and, more importantly, stay up when doing downward dog, so I’m not constantly adjusting myself during my practice,” — Sweaty Betty customer.



rbx leggings amazon
Amazon, RBX Active Full Length Workout Leggings — $22.00

If you like to get some reps in at the bench press, these RBX leggings may be what you need. The fabric is on the soft side but has extra compression along the sides to help shape your curves. We also love the small pockets on the sides and back for storing around some personal items.

What reviews say: “I love these leggings! They are beautiful and they stay up throughout my workout, squats and all! This is my third time buying a pair. They are beautiful. I usually wear a large, but I got an XL and they are perfect. The quality hasn’t changed after washing either. Buy Buy Buy!” — Amazon customer.

beyond yoga midi Waisted Legging
Beyond Yoga, Spacedye Caught In The Midi High Waisted Legging — $97.00

As noted by our senior commerce editor, these are some of the, softest—yet most durable leggings floating around the internet. And it’s all because of the polyester-lycra blended fabric that’s super smooth, soft, and moisture-wicking. As a bonus, the pants have UV protection for the times when you want to take leg day outside. Currently, there are six colors available and sizes range from XXS to 4X.


What reviews say: “I can’t say enough about the Spacedye fabric. It’s buttery soft but still appropriate for my workouts. I never have any problems with sweat showing or them not being squat proof. I always purchase my normal size and they fit perfect,” — Beyond Yoga customer.

Everlane The Perform 24:7 Legging
Everlane, The Perform 24/7 Legging — $98.00

If you prefer lighter compression, let the Perform 24/7 Legging be your go-to this summer, and beyond. Made with a blend of recycled nylon fabric and elastane, these pants compress in all the right places without being too restrictive. The material is so soft you can wear them comfortably on the couch one minute and then to your barre class the next.

What reviews say: “I love these leggings. They are comfortable, they don’t ride down, they’re good for a work out or just everyday wear. My new go-tos,” — Everlane customer.

girlfriend collective Moss Compressive High-Rise Legging
Girlfriend Collective, Moss Compressive High-Rise Legging — $78.00

When it’s time to got full-on beast mode during your workout, these are the leggings that you want to reach for. They’re designed for biking, running, cross-training, and any other high-impact workout you can think of. The high-rise waistline provides excellent tummy control and stays up as you intensify your movements.

What reviews say: “These are really compressive and thick. They stay up in all kinds of workouts. The Moss is a beautiful color. If you’re in between sizes, I recommend sizing up. Because these are so compressive, they fit a little smaller than other leggings,” — Girlfriend Collective customer.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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