The Secret Immune-Boosting Smoothie You Should Be Ordering at Starbucks

It's not even on the menu.
When it comes to your daily (fine, twice-daily) Starbucks trip, there are plenty of choices to keep you caffeinated, satiated, or Instagram-ready, depending on your mood, energy levels, and need for #content. But sometimes, the best drinks aren't the ones on the menu—they're the secret ones only insiders know about. And if you find yourself sniffling and craving an immune-boosting kick that's not on the menu, the bosses over at the 'Bucks say there's a hack you need to know about.

First, grab a bottle of Evolution Fresh's cold-pressed Defense Up drink from the self-service fridge. Then take it to the barista and ask to have it blended with banana and ice. That's it—you've got yourself a cold-fighting, potassium-filled, Vitamin C-packed smoothie.

The downside to this menu hack is that the pumped-up juice comes with some baggage, in the form of 27 grams of sugar. While it's not a unicorn frappe-level sugar-bomb (yes, the Insta-obsession packed a whopping 59 grams), it's not quite in the healthy snack zone, either.

So the next time your coworker swears her hacking cough isn't contagious, consider a sneaky Starbucks run—just to be safe.

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