Drop Everything: Starbucks Just Announced a Piña Colada Drink

The coffee megachain's current love affair with tea has taken a tropical turn.
If you like piña coladas...forget getting caught in the rain, just go ahead and proceed to your nearest Starbucks, because oh yes, the brand just dropped its latest drink, which is an iced piña colada tea infusion.

The tropical, summer-ready drink is the latest addition to growing list of tea infusions at the 'bucks, and it's made with Teavana black tea, pineapple fruit and botanical blend, and coconut milk. And it's not just for summer: According to a release, the piña colada tea is a new permanent fixture on the menu—so it'll be available year-round.

A grande (AKA 16 ounces) clocks in at 80 calories, 25 milligrams of caffeine, and 15 grams of sugar.

And it's customizable: You can get it sweetened, unsweetened, with lemonade, or combined with other flavors on the tea infusion menu. "The fruit and botanical blends of pineapple, peach citrus, and strawberry are created to mix and match with any Teavana iced tea. Strawberry white tea, peach citrus black tea, pineapple green tea, strawberry passion tango tea," Starbucks said in a release.

A grande (that's 16 ounces in Starbucks-speak) clocks in at 80 calories, 25 milligrams of caffeine, and 15 grams of sugar. So it's not exactly low on the sugar scale, but it still has less than other drinks on the menu.

Meanwhile, in Asia, Starbucks has a summertime menu that's as refreshing as it is Instagrammable. The special, limited-time menu features three Frappucino flavors including Green Tea Yogurt (hello, matcha!), Acai Mixed Berry Yogurt (like if bubble tea and an acai bowl had a baby), and Granola Dark Mocha (caffeine and crunchy granola!).

All of these new options—not to mention the secret matcha drink or the other off-menu items that insiders can get—show that the coffee megachain's current love affair with tea shows no signs of slowing down. (Yep, they're even going Gaga over the green stuff.)

Is the piña colada good enough to get Lady Gaga to change up her go-to order? TBD. And friendly reminder, next time you're at Starbucks, feel free to get a side of avocado to-go

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