Starbucks Just Added Its Healthiest Food Item Ever to the Menu

Photo: Pexels/Adrianna Calvo
Chances are, you have your go-to a.m. Starbucks order down. Maybe you're a venti coffee and oatmeal (with all the toppings) kind of girl. Or you might be more of a grande almond milk latte with a spinach feta wrap type of person. Well, if there's ever a time to think about switching things up, it's now.

The coffee megachain has been revamping its menu quite a bit lately, first adding egg bites and a new latte to the menu. And now the breakfast menu is growing again—with what just might be Starbucks' healthiest offering ever. Starting today, Starbucks is now selling vegan overnight grains. This is not a drill.

Starting today, Starbucks is now selling vegan overnight grains. This is not a drill.

The blend of steel oats, quinoa, and chia seeds is soaked in coconut milk and topped off with shaved coconut and sliced almonds. And as you would expect with a supergrain, this breakfast comes with a good amount of protein: 6 grams per serving. Actually, the whole idea for adding a new protein-rich item to the menu came from the fact that Starbucks' protein bistro box is currently the best-selling lunch option. The chain recognized that its customers wanted more protein options and crafted this tropical, hearty dish.

The overnight grains are being introduced at about 600 New York Starbucks locations, and if the initial rollout is a success they'll be added to menus across the country. Time to put that feta wrap on the back burner...

If your Starbucks doesn't have overnight grains on the menu yet, these sweet and savory oatmeal recipes will hold you over—and FYI they pair well with these anti-inflammatory hot beverages.

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