Zooey Deschanel Swears By These Reusable Sandwich Bags—And They’re Up to 25% Off for October Prime Day

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Everyone loves a celeb-approved product. But when that product has an A-list endorsement and is eco-friendly, it really catches our eye.

Like Drew Barrymore's before-and-after video using the Garnier plastic-free shampoo bars. Or when Jessica Alba's beauty brand Honest Beauty unveiled its new line of tree-free packaging for an Earth-focused future. These are the products on the very top of our must-have lists, thanks to their strides in sustainability. Now, we're adding Zooey Deschanel's favorite reusable sandwich baggies to that list, many of which are conveniently on sale now for up to 25 percent off during the Amazon Prime EarlyAccess Sale.

Deschanel shared her love for the brand Stasher on Instagram quite some time ago, but we haven't forgotten about it. The colorful silicone baggies are a cute, eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic baggies. They come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, ranging from the teensy, tiny Pocket bags ($10) all the way to the big, but never bulky Stand-Up Mega ($24).

"This is not an ad!" Deschanel wrote in her post. "I just think they’re really cool and they help the environment by reducing single use plastic."


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We think they're really cool, too, Zooey. Well+Good Senior Commerce Editor Gina Vaynshteyn swears by her Stashers for food storage. "I just love that I can put produce—or any kind of leftovers—in them, and can easily prop it up in my fridge for visibility, because otherwise it's out of sight, out of mind," she says. "After trying different reusable bags, Stasher seems to keep food the freshest for the longest amount of time. You don't get any kind of plastic-y smell, or maybe worse, that fridge smell, and they're easy to clean. I just place mine in the dishwasher and they come out nearly brand new."

They're not just for food. From toiletries and cosmetics, to storing essential school supplies for back-to-school, Stasher bags are versatile. If Deschanel's stamp-of-approval doesn't make you want to run out and get your own, let the brand's mission of preventing over a billion single-use plastic bags from entering our oceans and landfills drive you.

Snag these chic, reusable baggies for up to 25% off below

stasher stand up mid bag
Stand-Up Mid Bag

Originally $22, now $17

Vaynshteyn has a handful of the Stand-Up bags in different sizes. True to its name, it stands upright, so it won’t get lost in a sea of leftovers. The mid size is big enough for storing larger fruits and veggies. If you need more room, size up with the Stand-Up Mega, or save space with the Stand-Up Mini.

stasher pocket bag
Pocket Bag (2-pack) — $21.00

Originally $24, now $21

You know the Trail mix that you take to work to much on later? These small Pocket bags are perfect to carry all of your palm-sized treats. The silicone is super flexible and allows you to securely stuff the bag to the brim.

stasher sandwich clear bag
Sandwich Bag — $10.00

Originally 13, now $10

Skip the plastic wrap and pack your sammies in this silicone bag instead. Like all of Stasher’s products, it’s nontoxic and features the signature pinch-lock seal to keep everything fresh. Oh, you can write on it, too, so you’ll never mistake Tuna Salad for PB&J again.

stasher half gallon bag
Half Gallon Bag — $18.00

Originally $22, now $18

From sauces to strip steaks, there isn’t much the Half Gallon Bag can’t hold. Best part is, it’s freezer-friendly and microwave safe, making food prep a breeze.

stasher stand up 3 pack
Stand Up (3-pack) — $53.00

Originally $70, now $53

Can’t decide which Stand-Up bag you want? Get all three in this trusty trio.

stasher storage bag bundle
Silicone Reusable Storage Bag Bundle, 4-Pack — $48.00

Originally $58, now $48

Think of this bag as the “essentials” set. It comes with two sandwich bags to carry all your fave lunch items, one half gallon bag for larger meals and utensils, and a 10-oz storage bag for quick, on-the-go snacks.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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