Retro Trend Alert: 11 Pairs of Throwback Stirrup Leggings You Need Now

Photo: Instagram/@varley

Modern activewear and athleisure style can be traced to the '80s and Glow-style workout layering, as far as I'm concerned. Think: Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" video and Jane Fonda's old-school workout tapes. And since nostalgia is a solid constant when it comes to fashion trends, the best looks from every decade (even the early aughts!) eventually comes back in style. Spoiler: That's exactly why I ended up obsessively scouring the internet for stirrup leggings.

Aside from being fashion-forward, stirrups offer supreme practicality: Strapping your feet into your pants means warmth and also less awkward legging adjustments that'll stop you mid-pose during yoga class. Phew.

Check out the retro-fab leggings below.

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