65 Stocking Stuffers She Might Just Love More Than Her Presents This Year

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Every single year, I forget about stocking stuffers until the last possible second. Which is why my husband ends up with a few Snickers bars and maybe some socks if they aren't totally sold out at Target on December 23. It's bad, I know. Don't be like me! But the fact that you're here and doing research well ahead of time is promising. And since you're specifically here on this page for stocking stuffers for the women in your life (your girlfriend, wife, sister, daughter), we're also giving you major kudos for being so be thoughtful. (Also looking for stocking stuffers for the dude(s) in your life? We've got that, too!)

While I may be a terrible stocking stuffer shopper for my SO, I know what most people want in their stocking stuffers (thanks to years of shopping editor experience—deciphering shopping data is literally part of my job.)

The trick is finding a good balance of fun, affordable, gifts she won't immediately throw away after pretending to love them, and one or two luxurious presents that'll be like the cherry on top come Christmas morning. And all gifts must, obviously, be able to fit inside a stocking. Below, find our picks of the best stocking stuffers for women. Good luck, and merry shopping!

Beauty stocking stuffers

a bottle of philosophy candy cane shower gel, best stocking stuffers for women
Philosophy, Candy Cane Shower Gel — $28.00

Shower gel is one of those beauty products nobody really likes buying for themselves. Luckily, this seasonally-appropriate gel from Philosophy comes in a large, 32 ounce bottle so it’ll last her well into the cold winter months. And, with peppermint blooms, sweet mint accord, and spearmint petals, its minty-fresh scent is festive, but not too Christmassy.

tarte, Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-Piece Mascara Set — $40.00

Full-size mascara often dries out before its time, which is a bummer because it’s not always cheap. This high-quality set from tarte includes four mini mascaras, which means she’ll only have to open one at a time. Plus, while the nourishing lash formula is the same inside each tube, the packaging comes in four adorable patterns.

campanelli makeup remover set, best stocking stuffers for women
Campanelli, Makeup Remover Towel & Headband (8-Piece Set) — $30.00

When it’s time to take off your makeup, there’s something really satisfying about having the right tools for the job. This eight-piece set includes two round towels, two headbands, two rectangular towels, and two towels with exfoliating corners.

Soft services buffing bar, best stocking stuffers for women
Soft Services, Buffing Bar Microcrystal Exfoliant — $30.00

This is the same, famed (and award-winning) exfoliating soap bar that cured our senior beauty editor’s butt-ne in three days. Soft Services’ Buffing Bar is an exfoliating product that buffs away dry, rough skin and smooths out keratosis pilaris (those bumps a lot of people have their upper arms and thighs). It’s perfect for winter skin, just luxurious enough, and small enough, for that stocking. Win, win, win.

renee rouleau berry peel, best stocking stuffers for women
Renée Rouleau, Triple Berry Smoothing Peel — $89.00

Renée Rouleau uses real raspberries in its Triple Berry Smoothing Peel, an exfoliating pro-level chemical peel she can apply at a few times a week (depending on her skin type) for glow-y, soft, and vibrant skin. In the winter, skin tends to get dull, thanks to the cold and dry weather. A lot of folks have to up their exfoliating game to achieve that “lit from within” look, and the ingredients in this mask (mainly exfoliating AHA acids and fruit extracts) make that happen. It’s pricey, but the jar will last you all winter long.

estee lauder smoke eyeliner duo, best stocking stuffers for women
Estée Lauder, Smoke & Brighten Kajal Eyeliner Duo — $32.00

If she likes bold eye colors, slip one of these Estée Lauder eyeliners, which feature two shades on each end—one darker, deeper color, and one brighter, lighter one—in her stocking. We personally tested these and found the formula highly pigmented and ultra-creamy, which is exactly what you want when you’re playing with pops of color. Plus, the formula stayed put all day long. Sure, it’s $32, but you do get two for the price of one.

fields of green farmhouse fresh moisturizer, best stocking stuffers for women
Farmhouse Fresh, Fields of Green Organic Matcha Moisturizer — $46.00

If she likes the way matcha tastes in her cup, she’ll love the way it feels on her face. Farmhouse Fresh’s new whipped moisturizer is a soothing wonder for skin, instantly hydrating it with a burst of seaberry oil, alfalfa extract and four (yes, four) different types of hyaluronic acid. And of course, there’s the fresh green tea, which is packed with antioxidants to heal skin from the inside out. Seriously—this face cream is such a delight.

winky lux lip balm, best stocking stuffers for women
Winky Lux, Sheer Tinted Lip Balm — $18.00

These Winky Lux balms are as pretty as they are nourishing, with ingredients like jojoba oil for an infusion of hydration. The scents are what drew us to these little lip balms—you’ve got Neapolitan (sheer baby pink, smells like ice cream), Affogato (clear sheen, smells like vanilla coffee), and Sorbet (a sheer light pink with wafts of tropical coconut).

orly breathable nail polish, best stocking stuffers for women
Orly, Breathable Treatment + Color Nail Polish — $11.00

Orly’s new Breathable Treatment + Color polish is a 3-in-1 system that lets you ditch the base and top coat and save time with a manicure that looks like it was done by the professionals. We tested it out ourselves, and were super impressed by the results (1.5 weeks and not a chip in sight). All the colors in this collection are swoon-worthy, but “Cran-Barely Believe It” is the perfect glittery, festive red you just can’t go wrong with.

Neen, Pretty Shiny Highlighter — $29.00

Grab this highlighter in Luna, a subtle pink, or Metta, a not-overwhelming gold. Either will give cheeks more warmth and glow, and it’s easily buildable for a bit more pigment and glitter. This is one of those throw-it-in-your-bag staples to have on hand, since it’s always an uphill battle to achieve that dewy, naturally-flushed complexion in the dead of winter. This is your secret weapon.

truly deodorant in unicorn fruit, best stocking stuffers for women
Truly Unicorn, Fruit Skin Brightening Deodorant — $18.00

A deodorant as a gift? Hell yes. Because after the stress of the holiday season, she’s probably used up all her existing tubes, so you may as well save her a trip to Target. Plus, this stuff is good. We get sent a lot of deodorant to test here at W+G, and this one here passed all the tests. First of all, it works (we wore it in the dead of summer and through hot yoga classes). It’s aluminum-free. It leaves pits softer and brighter. And it smells like birthday cake and rainbow sunshine sprinkles.

olay facial cleanser
Olay, Facial Cleansing Brush — $25.00

Remember her Clarisonic? The original battery-powered cleansing brush was discontinued a few years ago, and then brought back? You can get a cheaper version from Olay that’s just as good, and it’ll give skin that satisfying deep clean day or night (or both). Choose between two speeds (one for a deep clean, one for a gentle exfoliation), feel free to use it in the shower (it’s water-resistant), and replace the AA batteries when this little guy is feeling drained.

kinfield lip balm, best stocking stuffers for women
Kinfield, Lip Rescue Balm — $16.00

There’s no way around it: Winter does a number on our mouths, and to soothe those chapped lips, you need to bust out the big guns. Big guns in question? This Kinfield Lip Rescue Balm, a thick and decadent formula powered by shea butter, sea buckthorn oil, and other ultra-hydrating natural ingredients. It also features sweet mint, so you get that oh-so-good tingly sensation which feels like heaven, especially on lips that are cracked and peeling.

peppermint parrotfish
Parrotfish, Peppermint Shampoo Bar — $15.00

Help save the planet by using this Earth-friendly shampoo bar (it’s plastic-free, but it’s also palm oil-free, and isn’t tested on animals). Parrotfish is one of many shampoo (and conditioner) bars that have exploded on the market in the eco-friendly space, but after several W+G writers and editors tested the brand’s various offerings, we’re confident that it offers one of the best formulas. Especially the peppermint shampoo bar, which gives you a tingly, sudsy deep clean—one that really clarifies the scalp without completely stripping it of its natural oils. The peppermint leaf essential oil has natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, so it also may help with dandruff.

A jar of briogeo don't despair, repair hair mask
Briogeo, Don't Despair, Repair! Hair Mask — $15.00

If she’s been complaining of super dry strands, get her this hair mask. Great for all hair types, it nourishes and strengthens hair—and it smells divine. And it comes in either a smaller, stocking-friendly mini size or the full shebang.

The Honest Company, Foaming Bubble Bath — $10.00

Hypoallergenic, synthetic fragrance-free, and made without any questionable ingredients like parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde donors, this lavender bubble bath is as gentle as they come. In fact, it’s safe enough for babies. This one is a true slam dunk for bath lovers.

laneige lip sleeping mask, best stocking stuffers for women
Laneige Lip, Sleeping Mask — $24.00

This buzzy, celebrity-approved overnight lip mask is another way to avoid chapped lips this winter. Just apply some before bed, and you’ll wake up with supple, super soft lips in the AM. Plus? It smells like berry bliss.

Fenty Skin Hydra'Reset Intensive Recovery Glycerin Hand Mask
Fenty Skin, Hydra'Reset Intensive Recovery Glycerin Hand Mask — $25.00

It’s a mask—but for your hands. The marquee ingredient here is glycerin, which works overtime by locking in moisture and nourishing dry, cracked skin. Just FYI: The balm is quite thick, so you literally want this to be the last thing you touch before going to bed, because good luck opening any jars post-application.

sally hansen super strength nail rescue, best stocking stuffers for women
Sally Hansen, Repair + Rescue Super Strength Defense Nail Treatment — $11.00

If she’s been painting her nails throughout the holiday season, or getting gel manis, her nails are likely in need of some TLC. This stuff strengthens damaged nails within one week.

kate mcleod
Kate Mcleod, Forest Stone Starter Kit — $45.00

A more eco-conscious way to moisturize your body, Kate Mcleod Body Stones look like bars of soap, except they seamlessly melt into skin like butter. The Body Stone comes in a wide variety of scents, but we’re especially digging the Forest Stone right now, which smells like pine and sweet wood. You can get the Stone on its own as a refill for $38, but we recommend the Starter Kit for the uninitiated. It comes with a beautiful bamboo canister that can double as nightstand decor.


garnier jelly water, best stocking stuffers for women
Garnier, SkinActive Micellar Charcoal Cleansing Purifying Jelly Water — $9.00

After a long day, the last thing anyone ever wants to do is take the time to remove their makeup and wash their face. But to avoid the terrible consequences of not doing so in the AM, we must get resourceful. Enter Garnier SkinActive Micellar Charcoal Jelly Water. Garnier’s newest micellar water has a new jelly formula infused with charcoal, which helps absorb oil and cleanse away dirt without leaving skin parched.


dedcool perfume, best stocking stuffers for women
DedCool, 01 "Taunt" Eau de Parfum Travel Spray — $30.00

Not sure what her signature scent is? Fragrance is super personal, and unless you really know, you probably don’t know. A floral person might not like a musky-y scent, and vice versa. If she’s really into gormands, something woodsy might turn her off. The solution? Get her this unisex DedCool travel-size spray (if she hates it, at least you didn’t buy the full size). Its key notes are vanilla, amber, and bergamot, so it’s sweet and spicy. It’s super layerable, so you can easily mix and match with other fragrances (or wear it on its own for a subtle scent). The scent is delicious, but we also love DedCool for its clean and earth-friendly ingredients, too.

Food stocking stuffers

joliettes dark chocolate date nibbles, best stocking stutffers for women
Joolies, Dark Chocolate-Covered Jooliettes Date Nibbles (Pack of 6) — $36.00

Joolies, which sells sustainably-sourced pitted and whole dates, recently launched Jooliettes, which are bite-sized, diced dark chocolate covered dates flavored like blood orange, sea salt, and matcha. And they’re delicious. You can snack on them on their own, but they also make for yummy (and fiber-rich!) oatmeal or ice cream toppers. Throw a few of these in her stocking stuffer and enjoy the rest of the 6-pack later (if she decides on sharing, that is).


bowl cut char siu bbq sauce, best stocking stuffers for women
Bowlcut, Char Siu BBQ Sauce — $14.00

If she loves sauces, get her this Char Siu barbecue sauce, a classic Chinese BBQ that’s sweet, tangy, and goes with everything. Literally toss it on some chicken or tofu, bake, and you’ve got a restaurant-quality worthy meal without thinking about it. Also, nobody expects barbecue sauce in their stocking, which is what makes this one such a delight—trust us.

the fishwife classic smoky trio, best stocking stuffers for women
Fishwife, The Smoky Trio Tinned Fish — $33.00

All the cool kids are eating tinned fish. Drop this trio of flavorful, smoky tinned fish (rainbow trout, albacore tuna, and salmon), which is all ethically sourced and smoked in small batches in Washington and British Columbia by family-owned and operated canneries, into her stocking. Plus, the packaging is beautiful.

davidstea smores chai
DavidsTea, S'mores Chai Tea — $10.00

If she’s a tea lover, you’ll want to check out DavidsTeas unique flavor offerings (which are all Fair Trade Certified), like this sweet and toasty s’mores chai, which you can buy as loose leaf or in individual packets. Think chai latte with a gooey, marshmallow-y twist.

a package of tea drops sweet peppermint tea, best stocking stuffers for women
Tea Drops, Sweet Peppermint Tea (10 Drops) — $12.00

Or, give her the convenience of a mug of tea in a single drop—loose leaf without all the loose leaves. Tea Drops is whole leaf tea pressed together and formed in a way that allows you to simply drop it in a cup of hot water and watch it dissolve—no need for a tea infuser. Sip on flavors like matcha green, rose early grey, citrus ginger, and sweet peppermint (our pick!). They’re so tasty, they were once featured in Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram. And bonus: they’re Fair Trade and made using 15 percent less waste than tea bags!

brightland aurora
Brightland, Aurora Rosemary Olive Oil — $40.00

If she loves to cook, you gotta get her a bottle of high-quality olive oil that’ll go the extra mile for every lasagna, pasta, or salad she whips up. Brightland’s olive oils are always cold-pressed by a nearby master miller using olives grown in small California family farms. Meaning: The source of this olive oil is the best of the best. We especially love this aromatic rosemary blend, which smells perfectly herb-y—like Thanksgiving afternoon. And it’ll make your entire home smell like roasted rosemary whenever you use it to bake anything (like a chicken or sheet tray full of veggies). $40 is pricey, but honestly, so is most legitimate olive oils these days, so you’re not really overspending. Plus, this bottle will last for months.


awake chocolate
Awake, Caffeinated Chocolate Energy Bites (Pack of 50) — $35.00

Awake caffeinated chocolates are scrumptious and RD-approved. Each bite-size milk chocolate square has half a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine, so you’ll definitely get that much-needed jolt of energy. Candy that packs an energy punch? Genius.

golde pure matcha, best stocking stuffers for women
Golde, Pure Matcha Powder — $28.00

Matcha latte drinkers will love Golde’s Pure Matcha powder, which is shade-grown and cold-pressed in Uji, Japan. The benefits of matcha of bountiful (it’s an antioxidant powerhouse, plus it’s got tons of caffeine), and this stuff is the best of the best.


a box of partake ginger snaps, best stocking stuffers for women
Partake, Ginger Snaps (2 Boxes) — $18.00

These cookies won’t last long in your household—but luckily, you get two boxes, so hopefully she’ll share. You’d truly never guess these cookies were vegan *and* gluten-free (plus free from the top nine allergens). They’re that good.

mikes hot honey, best stocking stuffers for women
Mike's, Hot Honey — $13.00

Drizzle it over your pizza, egg scrambled, cheese—you name it—and immediately elevate your meal. Made with super simple ingredients (just honey, chilies, vinegar), the combo of sweet and spicy is so good.

Omsom, The Best-Seller Set — $59.00

These flavor starters turn any ordinary, sad meal into something tastier than takeout. Each Omsom packet contains one of five flavors (Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ, Thai Larb, Japanese Yuzu Miso Glaze, Korean Spicy Bulgogi, and Thai Krapow), and all you need to do is add it to your proteins and/or veggies. Founded by two Vietnamese-American women who wanted to bring authentic Asian cooking into kitchens with a lot more convenience, we can verify that every single flavor is the bomb dot com (there’s a reason why these packets always sell out). Bonus: All flavor packets are gluten free.


nemi snacks
Nemi, Holisticks Mexican Lime and Spirulina Crunchy Veggie Crisps — $4.00

These gut-friendly, plant-based snacks are made from cactus! Flavored with tangy lime and nutrient-packed spirulina, these crunchy snacks have a whopping four grams of fiber and six grams of protein. Throw a couple in her stocking and save the rest for movie night or post-work out snack (for you too…if you’re lucky).

chamberlain coffee sneaky bat pumpkin blend, best stocking stuffers for women
Chamberlain Coffee, Sneaky Bat Pumpkin Spice Blend — $16.00

This is for the gal who never tires of pumpkin spice and loves her cup of joe. Chamberlain Coffee lovingly roasts its beans and infuses them with a festive flavor that’s never cloying or “too much.” Along with pumpkin spice, it’s also got notes cocoa for even more depth. Plus, we’re suckers for that packaging.

compartes berry chocolate bar, best stocking stuffers for women
Compartés, California Berries Chocolate Bar — $10.00

This vegan, gluten-free dark chocolate Compartés bar is loaded with naturally-dried strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries—so with every decadent bite, you’re getting rich, dark chocolate and berries grown in sunny California. Trust us, it’s worth the $10 for this bougie bar.

Stocking stuffers for the gym

lululemon card case, best stocking stuffers for women
lululemon, True Identity Card Case — $28.00

This card case holds all the essentials when you’re on your way to a workout and you’d rather not deal with the locker room. It’s not just for the gym, though—you can use it when you need a small wallet traveling or when you’re running to the store for some last-minute groceries. It gives you easy access to the stuff you need most (ID, credit card, keys), and it’s sturdy and water-repellent, too.

bala bangles, best stocking stuffers for women
Bala, Bala Bangles — $55.00

Bala Bangles intensify any dog walk, yoga routine, or even simple errands. They’re weighted bands you snap around you wrists, allowing you to work out your arm muscles on the go. Choose between one pound or two pounds, as well as a wide variety of pretty colors.

charlotte's web
Charlotte's Web, Active Sport Pain Relief Stick — $30.00

Ideal for strained and sore muscles, this CBD-infused sport stick can help alleviate pain with a few swipes. It’s THC-free, powered by 600mg of hemp extract, plus essential oils that naturally dull ache-y-ness. It’s likely not the best solution for more severe workout injuries, but we like applying this stuff to our shoulders and calves after an especially intense run, or if we pulled a muscle. Bonus? It’s mess-free, so you don’t have to worry about staining your clothes or sheets after you’re done using it.

goody hair coils
Goody, Icy Holiday Skinny Coils — $3.00

Few things are more annoying than hair slipping out of a bun or ponytail on a jog. A cheap and easy solve? These hair coils, which keep buns and tails secure. They’re also more comfortable to wear, especially for those who like to really pull their hair back more tightly.


arctel gym gloves, best stocking stuffers for women
Atercel, Workout Gloves — $14.00

If she’s recently taken up weightlifting and doesn’t have gloves to protect her hands, this is a no-brainer gift she’ll appreciate at the gym. Made of soft but durable microfiber, these gloves are designed to be extra grippy, which makes form that much easier to master. So not only are you protecting your skin from callouses, but you’re leveling up your overall workout. These are lightweight and breathable so you don’t have to worry about sweaty hands. Plus, they’re super comfortable to wear—just make sure you get the right size.

barbell protein bar, stocking stuffers for women
Barebells, Protein Bars in Cookies & Cream (12-Pack) — $30.00

To maximize muscle gains—as well as muscle recovery (you can’t have one without the other), it can help to have a tasty protein bar handy post-workout, especially if the idea of chugging a chalky protein shake is not really her thing. These Cookies and Cream bars taste like a milkshake, and each offer 20 grams of protein, with no added sugar. Cookies and Cream not her thing? Barebells has eight other flavors to choose from.

Practical stocking stuffers

keyboard cleaning gel
ColorCoral, Cleaning Gel Universal Dust Cleaner for Keyboard — $6.00

This goo gets into tight, hard-to-reach places (like keyboard, in between vents in your car, the spaces between your remote control buttons, and more) and de-dusts in seconds. It’s super satisfying to use, and it smells like lemons, so you don’t have to worry about leaving a gross, chemical smell behind.

multi-tool pen, best stocking stuffers
BIIB, 9-in-1 Multitool Pen — $19.00

It’s a pen! It’s a ruler! It’s a 2-in-1 screwdriver! It’s…five other things, too (including a bottle opener, LED flashlight, level, stylus, and phone holder). This little gift is pure function, but she’ll be using it all the time—in fact, you may as well buy two so you don’t have to borrow it.

vitruvi air freshener kit
Vitruvi, Home Revival Air Fresheners — $12.00

Vitruvi, the brand know for its Hygge-inspired, best-selling stone diffusers, recently launched air fresheners, which are like a glam version of Febreeze. Choose from Warm Linen (our favorite—it smells like an elevated Snuggle dryer sheet), Cold Plunge (as if someone spritzed the room with fresh lemon water), and Urban Garden (a calming blend of herbs).

conair fabric shaver, best stocking stuffers for women
Conair, Portable Fabric Shaver, Fuzz, and Lint Remover — $15.00

Extend the life of your favorite sweaters with this fabric shaver—it quickly and seamlessly zips off any kind of pilling and fuzz, and makes sweaters, blankets, socks, and even furniture look good as new (we’re not even being hyperbolic). Battery-operated, all you need to do is charge the shaver and pick a setting based on the amount of work its set out to do. When you’re done, empty out the the detachable lint catcher into the trash.


isotoner cable knit gloves, best stocking stuffers for women
Isotoner, Women's Cable Knit Gloves with Touchscreen Palm Patches — $20.00

They’re not ~fancy~, but they get the job done—and by that we mean keep fingers toasty in mildly cold weather while allowing you to use touch screens. With touchscreen tech, wearers can use the thumb, index, and middle finger to interact with phones and tablets, which is pretty essential when you’re out and about (the subway, at the store, on a walk—you get it). Choose from four colors (gray, red, black, and white). Just make sure she hand-washes these!

touchland hand sanitizers, best stocking stuffers for women
Touchland, Power Mist Hydrating Hand Sanitizer — $10.00

Touchland makes, like, the Audis of hand sanitizer, so naturally everyone on the W+G team has at least one or two in each of their tote bags. It’s been the ultimate accessory of the year since spring of 2020 (not that we ever doubted the power of a good hand sanitizer.) Touchland became the leader of the sanitizing pack, though, when people discovered how soft it actually left hands (instead of, well, ragged and dry). The brand has been around since 2010, known for its balance-striking formula (it still contains 70 percent ethyl alcohol, but enough aloe vera to leave paws supple). It also has the best offerings in terms of fragrances, like Pure Lavender, Wild Watermelon, and Vanilla Blossom.

tape measure
Uncommon Goods, Engraved Tape Measure — $38.00

This is one tape measure she won’t want to lose—because it’ll have her name engraved! Sure, a tape measure isn’t the most romantic gift of all time, but it’s definitely a practical one. This tape measure goes up to 25′, so it’s nice and long for all kinds of jobs. Make sure to order well in advance, since each tape measure is hand-engraved in Ohio.

ice cream airpods case
Elago, Ice Cream AirPods Case with Keychain — $15.00

This cute AirPod case is shaped like an ice cream bar (pick between blueberry, chocolate, mint, and strawberry), so it’s hard to lose. Plus! It comes with a keychain, so you can just hook it on to your keys, or belt loop for easy access. This case is made from high-quality silicone material, so it’s water- and dirt-resistant. And if you’re worrying about having to remove your AirPods from their case every time you need to charge, no need—you have full access through the case.


picasso notebook, best stocking stuffers for women
Society 6 Picasso, "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" Notebook — $19.00

It’s no Moleskine, but it’s perfect for throwing in your tote when you need a pad for that grocery or to-do list. Society 6 has hundreds (if not thousands) of artsy notebooks, as well as ones with printed memes and sarcastic motivational slogans (like this dancing blob simply stating, “NO”).

Luca, Elf Aid Keychain 4-in-1 Screwdriver — $8.00

Is it the very best screwdriver she will ever own? Absolutely not. Will it do in a pinch? Totally. Made of precision cast steel, this 4-in-1 tool is a Phillips and flat head screwdriver, as well as an 8mm and 6mm hex-socket wrench. It’s just one of those trinkets that come in handy when you need them most.


kindle case, best stocking stuffers for women
CoBak, Kindle Paperwhite Case — $10.00

Expand the life of her Kindle with this protective case. No more worrying about crumbs, oily fingers, or spilled hand sanitizer in her tote. It has nice features, like a magnetic closure (making sure it actually closes when you shut it), premium waterproof PU leather material, and an anti-scratch microfiber interior. Plus, it’s lightweight, and comes in 18 different patterns. This hard case is designed for the new Kindle Paperwhite and/or Paperwhite Signature Edition (11th gen), so just make sure you’re getting her the right one.

electric lighter
Suprus, Electric Lighter — $10.00

What’s more annoying than getting a new candle and realizing you’re out of lighters? The electric lighter works more smoothly than a traditional utility lighter, and it offers nice-to-have features like being wind and splash-proof (in case you’re lighting a cake on a stormy day), and a notification that tells you when the battery is dying and needs to charge. It’s passed all the important safety tests (CE, oHS, UL), so you can feel safe about have it on you whenever (obviously treat it like you would treat anything flammable, though).


silk sleeping mask, best stocking stuffers for women
Alaska, Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask — $16.00

This sleep mask is made from ultra soft, 100 percent mulberry silk that cradles eyes and shuts out all light comfortably. With frictionless silk fabric, the skin around the eyes (even the most sensitive, since this mask is naturally hypoallergenic) are given the VIP treatment. The band is fully adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about elastic tugging on your eyes or the back of your head. Basically what this all amounts to is a heavenly night of sleep, which is all anyone could ask for this holiday season.


A hanging wrapping paper storage bag, best stocking stuffers for women
Tidy & Co, Hanging Wrapping Paper Storage Bag — $21.00

Honestly, this might just be the most random thing on our list. But if your gal has a stack of wrapping paper just lying around in a closet, this hanging organizer can help sort things out. And who doesn’t want to feel just a little more organized? ::raises hand::

Random, but delightful stocking stuffers

scrub mommy heart shaped sponges, best stocking stuffers for women
Scrub Mommy, 8-Piece Heart Eyes Sponge Set — $33.00

These heart-shaped and heart-eyed dish sponges are a great way to bring a little joy to an otherwise dreaded task. Each sponge is durable, non-scratch, and dishwasher-friendly. And if you really love her, you can show her by, ya know, actually doing the dishes.

Snoozies, Sweet Mary Jane Fuzzy Animal Socks — $12.00

It’s not healthy to walk around the house barefoot all the time, but she won’t want to anyway once you give her these sweet slipper socks. What is a slipper sock, exactly? It’s like a heavy duty sock with a microfiber sole, and fully lined with soft teddy. It’s the kind of thing that will make her want to scream, “IT’S. SO. FUZZY.” Which is totally warranted, especially given the adorable animal faces you can choose from.

pizza candle, best stocking stuffers for women
Literie, Pizza From a Guy Named Joe Candle — $45.00

Listen, we never thought we’d be recommending a candle that smells like a fresh slice of tomato basil pizza from our favorite pizza shop, but here we are. It smells amazing (and will be a nice change of pace, considering she likely already has like 10,000 candles that smell like Christmas trees by now.)

glitter toilet bombs
Glitter Hearts, Toilet Bombs — $15.00

The fact is: We all poop. Make her laugh and show her how deep your love is for her with these glitter heart toilet bombs, which mask the stink with essential oils. They’re non-toxic, biodegradable, septic-safe, and just, honestly? Pretty stinkin’ (heh) cute. They’re also nice to leave out for guests who may be feeling a bit poop-shy.

new york times mini crossword book, best stocking stuffers for women
New York Times, Mini Crossword Book By Joel Fagilano — $10.00

If she’s a fan of the NYT crossword, this book of Mini puzzles will be a fun way to spend some R&R time after opening presents. Plus, the book itself is small enough to pop in her purse for road trips, subway rides, or park hangs.

kava chill pills
Up Side, Kava Chill Pills — $15.00

As long as you never, ever tell her to “just chill out,” or “relax,” then you have our permission to get her these “chill pills” from Up Side. They’re mints infused with kava, which is an herbal supplement that can have a naturally calming effect (similar to kava tea). It’s not really a high, but more like a deep, deep sigh in mint form.

zee vibrator from dame, best stocking stuffers for women
Dame, Zee Bullet Vibrator — $30.00

This cute little bullet vibe might look unassuming, but it packs a punch with its three speeds. Best for folks who are new to sex toys, or need a trustworthy accessory to take with them when they’re traveling (it’s compact, to say the least), this vibe is designed for maximum clitoral stimulation (although feel free to use it on an erogenous zone—nipples, butt, etc.). Trust us, she’ll appreciate it.

golden believer coffee mug
Society 6, Golden Believer Coffee Mug — $20.00

This premium ceramic 11 oz. mug (you can get a 15 oz. mug for about four bucks more, but it may or may not fit in her stocking) will make her hate early mornings just a little less. There’s only so much you can do with caffeine—on especially dire days, she can bust out the Golden Believer mug and feel just a little more chipper. Why is it a golden retriever unicorn, you ask? We don’t know, it just is.

maude burn candle, best stocking stuffers for women
Maude, Burn No. 1 Massage Candle — $30.00

Just a heads up: You give her this massage candle, but you’ll be the one expected to use it on her. It’s meant to be lit (for ambiance—you can choose from a various scents, and there’s even a fragrance-free option), and then drizzled on to skin (since it’s made with jojoba and soybean oil blends, the candle doesn’t burn at a very hot temp) for a luxurious, ~sensual~ massage. No. 1 is a blend of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass, tonk bean, and dates—so sweet, yet woodsy.

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