7 Stylish Planners to Help Start 2018 on an Organized Note

Photo by Anete Lusina on Unsplash

Kicking off the year with a fresh planner is the best way to indicate to yourself (and TBH, everyone around you) that you're a #bossbabe, a well-adjusted adult, and the type of person who is going to spend 2018 doing very important things, traveling to very important places, and seeing very important people.

Sure your iPhone calendar might be at your fingertips, but with the onslaught of notifications, from your Instagram alerts to your (many) text messages, the digital cal isn't exactly the best to keep you from flaking on your friend, or worse yet, missing your meeting. Writing things down has already been linked to having a better memory plus it's become oh-so-clear that you can never really have enough strategies to unplug from your phone.

Make good on your resolutions with these beautiful 2018 planners.

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