Could This Subscription Box Help You Biohack Your Period?

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There's a subscription box for just about everything nowadays: beauty suppliesworkout gear, and now, of course, your period. A new service launching today is focused on actually helping you biohack your flow, as opposed to stocking up on tampons and chocolate (though, hey, that's crucial, too).

Your hormones are the culprits behind some of the annoying symptoms you experience during your period like breakouts, cramps, and mood swings, says Alisa Vitti, a real-life hormone whisperer, functional nutritionist, and founder of and MyFlo App. So, she created a monthly supplement subscription box called Balance by Flo Living that's dedicated to hormone health.

"The goal was to build a one-stop concierge service for women's menstrual health," says Vitti, who's been developing holistic approaches to support women's hormonal and reproductive health for about 20 years, and whose book WomanCode is basically required reading if you're down with menstrual realness.

"After working with women for so long and doing extensive research on what supplements are essential, effective, and [containing] non-negotiable micronutrients that every woman requires for hormonal balance, these are the ones that I know you need," she says.

"The goal was to build a one-stop concierge service for women's menstrual health."

Vitti explains that since every woman is different, there are any number of factors that could contribute to woeful menstruation. There are caffeine junkies, who may be stripped of magnesium and B vitamins; extreme dieters and over-exercisers, who may not replenish their essential nutrients fast enough; women on hormonal birth control, who can be low on good gut health bacteria and magnesium. Over time, all of these things deplete our body's stockpile and create period problems that go way beyond cramps.

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The GMO-free kit includes five balancing blends aimed at restoring equilibrium to the body: Energize, a vitamin B combo, is designed to fight adrenal fatigue while boosting your sex drive; Replenish, a magnesium-packed formula is made to promote relaxation, sleep, and healthy cortisol levels; Gutsy, a dairy-free probiotic to aid with digestion; Detox, a free-radical fighter that is said to control excess estrogen; and Harmonize, a powerful fish oil, which reportedly can balance your moods.

The supplements are meant to be taken all together to ease the four phases of your cycle, and Vitti adds, "[They] are very safe for all women to take, whether you have endometriosis, PCOS, or run-of-the-mill PMS."

Vitti's supplement kit costs $197 for 60-day supply (that's $98 per month, for all five supplements)—which, if you're buying those bottles of fish oil that run $40 for a 30-day supply, is a deal. Food for thought while you're doing a cramp-easing vinyasa and (maybe) contemplating your "period skin."

Of course, any period help is welcome—like snacking on these maca quinoa pops to fight PMS, or whipping up these magnesium-rich foods to handle menstrual woes

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