7 Suction Sex Toys That Make Receiving Oral a DIY, Solo Exercise

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If you've never tried using suction sex toys and you like receiving oral sex, prepare for your mind to be blown in more ways than one. These toys use air-suction technology to target the clitoris and simulate the experience of receiving oral sex—but without the need of a human being to perform said oral sex.

Beyond that DIY capability, these suction sex toys have a pretty great success rate: Consider how vulva-owners require an average of 14 minutes to orgasm. Well, by focusing stimulation to the clitoral region, orgasm can be achieved way, way, way faster.

"Suctions vibes are great for folks to try different types of stimulation," says Carly S, sex educator and founder of Dildo or Dildont. "Maybe you're someone who tried a vibrator and it didn't do it for you, or someone that knows they enjoy the sensation of someone's mouth creating suction around their clit. [Suction toys are] great for providing pretty strong stimulation without overstimulating the genitals."

Intrigued? Thought you would be. Below, we have a few reliable models on the market, for whatever suction experience you're seeking.

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7 suction sex toys that'll blow your mind and then some.

1. Womanizer Premium, $199

Shop Now: Womanizer Premium, $199

Womanizer is the basically gold standard when it comes to suction vibrators, beloved by editors and Lily Allen alike (the singer posted a whole Instagram Story love letter to the three models of the product line). "The Womanizer uses patented Pleasure Air Technology to surround the clitoris with a combo of air and suction," says Gigi Engle, certified sex coach, sexologist, and sexpert for Womanizer. "It basically simulates oral sex, which is pretty dang mind-blowing. Some women have reported having orgasms in 60 seconds or less." Get your stopwatch ready!

2. We-Vibe Melt, $149

Shop Now: We-Vibe Melt, $149

Carly S recommends this smooth operator as a worth-your-investment option, which uses "pulsating waves" to turn you into a human puddle. True to it's name, We-Vibe Melt is also an optimal device for couple's play—slim enough to get in-between the action and maybe even snag you a blended orgasm.

3. Satisfyer One Night Stand, $10

Shop Now: Satisyer One Night Stand, $10

One Night Stand by Satisfyer is a recommended option not because it's reinventing the game of suction. Instead, it gives you a taste of the sensation. At just $10, it provides 90 minutes worth of pleasure, so you can decide for yourself afterward whether you're interested in investing in a long-term relationship with suction sex toys or if you'd, y'know, prefer to keep things to a one-night stand.

4. Unbound Puff, $46

Shop Now: Unbound Puff, $46

Puff is a precious little device with a dedicated snout. And because Unbound is prioritizes low decibel levels on its toys, this is a cool option for those living in close quarters with extremely platonic housemates. Just try to keep yourself on low volume when the orgasm hits so hard you see stars.

5. Biird Obii

Shop Now: Biird Obii, $89

The super squishy Obii—from woman-led, design-forward company Biird—has become one of my favorite sex toys. The mouth is on the small side and may not be ideal for all clitorises, but in addition to being a suction toy, it vibrates as well. The suction on this low-key work of art is subtle, allowing for an enjoyable steady climb to climax (which, rest assured, still won't take longer than about a minute).

6. Romp Shine, $50

Shop Now: Romp Shine, $50

Sleek and easy to grasp, Romp Shine is a cost-effective option that still packs an impressive 10 different stimulation options.

7. The Sensual Vibe Sucking Vibrator, $70

Shop Now: The Sensual Vibe Sucking Vibrator, $70

The Sensual Vibe Sucking Vibrator is delightfully insertable for a no-hands approach (because seriously, sometimes steering your toy really takes you out of the moment).

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