The Seriously Brilliant Way Bobbi Brown Fights Sugar Cravings

Bobbi Brown's next frontier? Food. Beauty food, that is.

The founder of her eponymous makeup line—which has been around for 25 years, and which you've undoubtedly played around with in your mom's cosmetics bag as a child—is moving on from the staple beauty brand and is focusing on feeding your looks through a healthy diet and prioritizing wellness.

Bobbi Brown beautyHer new book (which is her ninth), called Beauty from the Inside Out (available for pre-order and out in April), touches upon beauty foods, being Zen, confidence, and makeup tips (of course).

Brown has been into wellness for as long as she can remember, and has picked up some handy tricks along the way. One thing's for sure—she's not doing Whole30 (unlike so much of the population right now).

"It tells you to eat really good, organic food and not drink alcohol," said Brown at a luncheon at her ultra-sunny apartment this afternoon. "I am not doing that. I do Whole30 with a shot."

Rather than doing specific diets or cleanses, Brown prefers to live by the "healthy hacks and little tips you make along the way that make a difference," she says. "I'm into just slowly doing better lifestyle things that work."

That includes drinking water through a straw ("You get so much more into your body than if you just take a sip"), adding a pinch of Himalayan salt to water to really absorb it, avoiding white flour ("Cookies and cake make me exhausted"), and not depriving herself of junk food that she wants: "I love a good French fry, especially with a martini."

"When I come home I'll take half a grapefruit and put some really good ground cinnamon on and it's enough."

Though she loves to cook for herself, her husband likes to go out for dinner—so to stay healthy, Brown won't even open a menu. "I'll just say I need a grilled fish with nothing on it and olive oil on the side, and steamed vegetables with lemon and sea salt."

But the one thing she reaches for when she wants a little sweet something—without fail—is a grapefruit with some cinnamon on it. "It's not sweet, but sometimes when I come home I'll take half a grapefruit and put some really good ground cinnamon on and it's enough," says Brown. Odd pairing, but with cinnamon's brain-boosting and inflammation-fighting benefits, it sounds like a sweet ending to a hearty meal.

Brown's not the only one with sweet-tooth advice: Here's how Karlie Kloss and Kate Middleton have hacked that whole must-have-sugar-now situation.

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