These Giant Japanese Oranges Are the Seedless Citrus Treat You and Your Immune System Need Right Now

Photo: Getty Images/Jamie Grill

Punxsutawney Phil is a liar: This is the winter that never ends. One week, it's Polar Vortexing. Then the next, a beautiful sunny day turns into a straight-up ice storm. Since cozy coats can only do so much good in protecting you from the ridiculously cold weather, there's another way you can ensure you and your immune system stay strong the rest of the season: eating giant, vitamin C-packed Sumo oranges.

If you haven't heard of Sumo oranges, Eva Chen has kind of become an unofficial spokesperson. The head of fashion partnerships at Instagram recently shared her obsession of the fruit on her Instagram Stories, calling them her "new favorite." People also started messaging her about the oranges (which she also documented on her Stories), sharing how much they loved them, too. Which gave me a major feeling of FOMOOC (Fear Of Missing Out On Citrus).

According to Sumo Citrus—the prime grower of the oranges—Sumo oranges are a cross between mandarin oranges and California oranges (specially, the navel orange, per the New York Times), making them juicy, sweet, easy to peel, and seedless. They're also a bit more expansive than your typical, $2.49 a pound at Trader Joe's expensive...but most people seem to agree it's totally worth it. (For comparison, the average cost of a navel orange in 2019 was $1.39 per pound.)

The other thing about Sumo oranges: They've def got their own look. Per the New York Times, the Japanese-developed orange gets its name from its large size and the "bun" on top. (Or as one Well+Good editor called it, its nipple.) They're now also grown in California, and have been available in the US since 2011—first only on the west coast, and now nationwide.

If you want to get your fix, you've gotta do so quickly. Sumo oranges season is incredibly short, lasting only mid-January through the end of March. You can buy them at most major supermarkets—including Shop Rite, Trade Joe's, Wegmans, Whole Foods, Kroger, and even Target (see a full list here)—but the company recommends calling first to make sure you don't drive all the way for an empty bin of oranges. Once you take your first bite, fans say you'll be hooked. Take that, cold season.

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