Supergoop’s Newest Sunscreen Is Designed Specifically for Winter Skin

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Remember the multicolored pens from grade school that let you choose the hue of your ink using just the click of a button? (Pink! Blue! Red! Turquoise!) In hindsight, this clever tool demonstrates the magic of a multitasker—no matter your age. And sunscreen-forward company Supergoop! clearly got that memo because the brand's newest product, Supergoop! Daily Dose Hydra-Ceramide Boost SPF 40 ($46), doubles as a hydrating oil that's an SOS for your dry winter skin.

With an olive oil-esque consistency, the product feels luxurious and moisturizing the instant it touches your skin, and comes in a squat dropper bottle that's reminiscent of a face oil or serum rather than a sun protectant.. Plus, thanks to an ingredients list that's hand-picked to help your skin retain moisture, strengthen its barrier, and stand up to UV and blue light damage, you can probably skip at least two other steps of your beauty routine. All together, Supergoop! Daily Dose Hydra-Ceramide Boost offers a team of ingredients that are playing offense and defense for your body's largest organ (your skin!).

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First, this formula contains ceramides: a type of lipid that dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, MD, previously heralded as the "first line of defense" in protecting your skin from outside forces. Meaning, it locks in your skin's natural moisture while shielding it from pollution and fortifying your skin barrier.

Next up, Supergoop! added squalene and hyaluronic acid, both of which are like a huge gulp of water for your skin. Meanwhile, prebiotics and probiotics care for the skin microbiome and balance your skin's pH. Then there’s rice germ extract, which acts as the cherry on top with beneficial fatty acids that help soothe skin-flammation. And let's not forget SPF, that glorious ingredient that protects your skin against signs of aging and the other potentially harmful effects of sun exposure.

When I get my hands on a bottle, I'm thrilled to add it to my routine. (FWIW, both the Supergoop! Glow Screen and the Glow Stick are daily musts for my getting-ready ritual, so the Daily Dose feels like a natural addition.) The formula pools on my palm much like a hyaluronic acid serum, but looks more oily once applied. When I first massage the product onto clean, freshly-washed skin, it leaves a sheen on my forehead, chin, and nose that sinks in within a minute or two for a finish that's bright—but not too shiny looking. Afterward, I apply a moisturizer, slather on the aforementioned Glow Screen, and head out the door for a long day of climbing outdoors in super-dry Los Angeles.

Because I'm out in the sunshine for nearly eight hours, I apply several layers of the Glow Stick to consistently protect my skin, but I definitely feel the hydrating effects of Daily Dose form sunrise to sunset. Throughout the day, my skin stays moisturized and smooth despite the arid weather conditions. And even though my lips are chapped and unhappy by the time I wash my face, my skin still looks ready to go head to head with more desert weather.

Multitasking? Check. Easy to apply? Check. Now all that's left is to bid farewell to the five beauty products you just replaced with a single product. (Make sure you let them down easy.)

Here's how to choose the best sunscreen for Y-O-U, according to a derm: 

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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