The Sunscreen That Got Me To Wear SPF Everyday Now Comes In Full-Body Form

Photo: Getty Images/ Carol Yepes
When dermatologists tout the importance of wearing sunscreen 365 days of the year, we generally assume that they're talking about applying it to our faces. But as the weather gets warmer and we trade our boots and sweaters for flip flops and jean shorts, it's just as important to be slathering sunscreen on the exposed areas south of our necks, too. Did you know that the chest, hands, and backs of the legs are some of the most common places for skin cancer to occur in women? Even so,  75 percent of people admit to skimping on sunscreen, largely because they haven't found a formula they like enough to wear every day. With the launch of Supergoop's latest product, Supergoop Glowscreen Body SPF 40 ($42), here's hoping that's about to change.

This week, the brand launched a body-friendly version of its cult-fave Glow Screen (the product that finally got me to wear SPF every day) to offer luminescent sun protection from the neck down. Like the original Glow Screen, it's made with light-reflecting minerals, which leave your limbs looking pearlescent and sun-kissed. Thanks to the addition of ingredients like hydrating coconut alkanes and antioxidant-packed white stargrass extract, the body formula is slightly more nourishing and gives skin a truly healthy inside-out glow. And what's more? It's also water-resistant, which means you can wear it on even the sweatiest of summer days without having to worry about it transferring or dripping off (just remember to reapply on the reg).

I generally have some pretty strong opinions about body makeup (which stem from an unfortunate incident that involved me staining a boyfriend's sheets), but this stuff feels more like skin care than an actual color cosmetic. Unlike the facial Glow Screen, the body product isn't tinted, so while it won't even your skin tone the way the original does, it also won't stain your clothes, sheets, and towels. This product is slightly more shimmery, though, which gives it the feel of a body glitter... but one that I swear you wouldn't be embarrassed to wear as a grown-ass adult. It's the type of product that I'm genuinely excited to apply every day because of the way it makes my skin look, and the fact that it offers SPF 40 means that I'll be wearing it 365 days of the year from here on out.

If you need more convincing about why you should be wearing sunscreen 24/7/365, check out the video below.

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