A Setting Spray That Keeps Your Makeup Intact All Day *and* Has SPF Exists—And I Found It

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Have you ever been putting on foundation and realize you forgot to prep your face with a primer? Or worse, sunscreen? It's so frustrating, and yet, this happens to me all the time. I get so caught up in applying my makeup that I completely zone out on wearing SPF altogether (definitely not good—and I'm working on this!). But that’s exactly the reason why I fell in love with Supergoop! (Re)Setting Refreshing Mist SPF 40 ($32).

It's the answer to my absent-mindedness and SPF needs all wrapped into one. To be honest, I haven’t really dabbled all that much in Supergoop’s offerings (our associate commerce editor has, though—and ranked their top-selling products), but when I heard that they have a sunscreen that doubles as a makeup setting spray, I thought, "Hallelujah!" and had to get my hands on a bottle, ASAP.

At first glance, the mist stacks up as a pretty powerful setting solution. Its formula contains ingredients like polyvinylpyrrolidone that help lock in your makeup, and rosemary and mint that work hard to even out your complexion. And unlike some setting sprays that give you droplets so big that you wince to avoid the spritz, you can barely feel this mist on your skin. In fact, it's so fine that it evaporates almost immediately when it touches your face. 

I tried the (Re)Setting Refreshing Mist after I completed a full glam look (foundation, concealer, eye makeup, lipstick and all) and later on I was pleasantly surprised to see that my makeup did not budge. My makeup generally starts to lose its luster three or four hours after application (aka, my face gets a little oily and the foundation starts to settle into my pores). But this spray helped keep my foundation fresh and intact six hours later. Even some of the oiliness that I normally get when wearing a full face wasn't as noticeable after a few spritz. It gave my skin a matte-like finish and really locked in my makeup (without feeling heavy for even a second).

However, what I really love about this product is that it's super convenient and mess-free. You don't have to worry about it leaving a white-cast like other SPFs, or leaving excess moisture running down your face and ruining your perfectly drawn cat eye. Plus, if you originally fail to put on enough SPF during your skin prep, you can always add more and re-apply. In general, this stuff is a life-saver for re-application when you're wearing makeup. Regular sunscreen basically destroys the hard work you put in—but this stuff enhances it. You should generally re-apply sunscreen every two to three hours, so now you don't have an excuse to forget.

Just keep in mind, the mist comes in an aerosol-like bottle and needs to be shaken a few times before you use it. Other than that, consider this your secret SPF weapon to have for all of your glam occasions.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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