Sur La Table’s Massive Cookware Sale Includes Up to 50% Off Le Creuset, All-Clad, Staub, and More

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One thing I vowed to do at the start of 2022 was to eat out less and cook more. So far, it's been a real struggle to keep that promise and find tasty dinner recipes to make every single night (that's a lot of nights, ya know?). But I always get a surge of motivation to get back to my stovetop and attempt to that casserole recipe I pinned many moons ago every time I see best-in-class cookware brands like Le Creuset or All-Clad go sale—since they rarely do. But thanks to Sur La Table's Cookware Savings Event, these household cookware retailers have been now marked down by hundreds of dollars. And now I can feel even more inspired to cook at home (once my fancy new skillets and Dutch oven arrive, that is).

From now through April 19, Sur La Table is offering up to 50 percent off on some of the cooking industry's most coveted items. And the items are truly worth adding to cart. We're talking everything from the famous Le Creuset Dutch Oven for $100+ off to a set of Staub's baking dishes for just $50. So, if you've been waiting to level up your cooking tools to help make meal prep time faster and more efficient, now's the time to strike.

For some of the best deals floating around the site right now, take a look at these top-rated items below.

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The best of Sur La Table's Cookware Event

le creuset dutch oven
Le Creuset Signature Round Deep Dutch Oven, 5.25 Qt. — $250.00

Originally $380, now $250

Perhaps one of the most iconic cookware items in Le Creuset’s lineup is its Round Deep Dutch Oven. Not only is it incredible durable, but it’s a versatile vessel that you can use to help prepare most of your main dishes, from large pot roasts to your favorite stews. But what really makes it a fan-favorite is the two coats of signature French enameled coating that provides unmatched heat distribution, so your food can prepare faster, and more efficiently and evenly.

All-Clad HA1 Nonstick, Set Of 3 — $130.00

Originally $210, now $130

If there is one brand that’s likely to be in your kitchen literally forever, it’s All-Clad. The American-made cooking line prides itself on its extreme durability and pro-like results. And this set is just one example of its meal prep magic. It contains one 8-inch skillet, one 10-inch skillet, and one 15-inch skillet. Plus, each skillet is made of aluminum and has a non-stick coating that helps make it scratch-resistant.

staub rustic ceramic bakers
Staub Rustic Ceramic Bakers, Set Of 2 — $50.00

Originally $129, now $50

Whether you plan on making a peach cobbler or some macaroni and cheese, these Staub containers are here to make the baking a less worrisome process from start to finish. Part of the magic is the porcelain enamel glaze. It helps to keep moisture in the food while it’s cooking to create a more flavorful taste. Also, the rustic finish adds a layer of protection when the baking container is put in a microwave oven.

emile henry modern classics rectangular baker
Emile Henry Modern Classics Rectangular Baker — $55.00

Originally $72, now $55

Another baking dish that I’ve had my eye on is this Emile Henry Modern Classics Rectangular Baker. FYI, Emile Henry is famous for using special mineral-rich clay from the French province of Burgundy to create its signature and highly durable ceramic cookware. This helps increases heat retention and allows you to transport the dish from the freezer to the oven without creating cracks and other signs of damage in the vessel.

demeyere aly pro stir fry pan
Demeyere Alu Pro Stir Fry Pan, 11" — $100.00

Originally $225, now $100

Have some veggies you want to add a crisp to? You can’t go wrong with this Demeyere Alu Pro Stir Fry Pan. Made of 5mm thick aluminum, this pan is tailor-made to bring the heat to your foods. Plus, the non-stick coating makes the pan a great option to pair with metal utensils. Use it for deep frying and browning your fave foods such as chicken breasts or kabobs.

staub tall cocotte
Staub Tall Cocotte, 5 Qt. — $200.00

Originally $500, now $200

Talk about a pot that can do it all! This one from Staub is a winner-winner chicken dinner (literally). From braising meats to boiling pastas, the Tall Cocotte can prepare just about any one of your favorite main dishes. Similar to Le Creuset, the cocotte has an enameled-cast iron coating that helps increase heat retention.

le creuset square grill pan
Le Creuset Square Grill Pan, 9.5" — $110.00

Originally $168, now $110

I don’t know about you, but I like my food a little charred sometimes to add some savory, grilled flavor. And if you’re like me and like to brown your veggies and your meats, this Le Creuset Square Grill Pan belongs deserves a VIP spot in your kitchen cabinet. It’s easy to clean and heats up extremely well thanks to the enameled cast-iron.

Viking 11 Piece Cookware set
Viking 11-Piece Cookware Set — $500.00

Originally $1,400, now $500

If you’re looking to host a dinner party soon (or just swap your mismatched cookware from college for something a little more *adult*), this Viking 11-Piece Cookware Set may come in handy to help prepare your evening feast and then some. The commercial-grade pots and pans have an aluminum exterior with stainless steel lids that help to secure excellent heat retention. This set includes: one 8-inch skillet, one 10-inch skillet, one 2-quart saucepan with lid, one three-quart saucepan with lid, one three-quart sauté pan with lid, one five-quart Dutch oven with lid, and one 3-quart steamer insert.


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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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