Sur La Table’s Summer Sale Has Rare Deals on Best-Sellers From Le Creuset, Staub, and More

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There's really nothing that gets me more pumped than kitchenware (because adulting). I'm talking professional mixers, fancy schmancy cast irons, and ergonomically-designed knifes that take the hustle work out of cutting. So, when I found out about Sur La Table's summer sale, I geeked. Now through August 22, you can save up to 60 percent on coveted cookware items from Le Creuset, KitchenAid, Staub, and more.

It's rare that Le Creuset's Dutch ovens or professional mixers from KitchenAid go on sale, but Sur La Table is giving shoppers five whole days to save money on these best-sellers. Whether you've been eyeing a new skillet set to showcase your omelet-making skills at your next hosted brunch, or have been looking for a cast iron grill to sear meats and veggies indoors, Sur La Table has got you covered.

From ceramic bakers to a bean-to-cup coffee machine, there's a kitchenware item for everyone. Scroll down to start your kitchen upgrade.

The best of Sur La Table's summer sale

Photo: Sur La Table
Le Creuset, Signature Round Deep Dutch Oven (5.25-qt.) — $250.00

Originally $380, now $250

One of Le Creuset’s most iconic items, the deep Dutch oven is perfect for making large roasts, hearty stews, and chicken noodle soup. Double-coated in enamel, the pot is durable and distributes heat evenly so that your food comes out looking like one of Bobby Flay’s dishes. It’s tall enough to prevent sauce splatter and has a smaller base to allow for optimal heating (no surprise why the pot is beloved by Sur La Table shoppers and professional chefs alike).

Photo: Sur La Table
Staub, Rectangular Bakers, Set of 3 — $100.00

Originally $243, now $100

Whether you’re baking double-fudge brownies or whipping up a veggie casserole, these Staub Rectangular Bakers are here to make your next cooking session a breeze. Each baker is made of durable porcelain, which ensures that your food comes out with a crispy exterior and baked interior, and has enamel coating to resist scratching, staining, and moisture absorption. Bonus: It’s microwave-, freezer-, broiler-, oven-, and dishwasher-safe.

Photo: Sur La Table
Zyliss, Veggie Sheet Slicer — $40.00

Originally $70, now $40

If you’re looking to substitute your pasta with a more veggie-forward option, look no further than the Zyliss Veggie Sheet Slicer. It makes life easier by cutting up your veggies-potatoes, radishes, squash, cucumbers-into alternative pasta. Choose from three blade types: sheets, tagliatelle, and spaghetti.

Photo: Sur La Table
Zwilling Henckels, 8-Piece Knife Set — $280.00

Originally $735, now $280

Designed by professional chefs, the Zwilling Henckels Knife Set has everything you need to prepare your next meal. It comes with a paring, utility, prep, bread, and chef knife for chopping vegetables, fruits, and meats. When you’re done cooking, store the blades in the included storage block to prevent dulling or damage.

Photo: Sur La Table
Espressione, Concierge Espresso Machine — $500.00

Originally $1,100, now $500

This no-frills coffee machine converts beans to pure goodness in just seconds. The machine holds up to 160 grams of your favorite caffeinated nuggets before they make their way to the grinder, which is engineered with quiet technology. After choosing your drink of choice on the built-in LED panel, you’ll have a delightful cup of coffee or espresso, and you can use the adjustable steam nozzle to froth your milk.

Photo: Sur La Table
Sur La Table, Twist Colander — $10.00

Originally $20, now $10

Rinsing fruit, veggies, and pasta just got a whole lot easier thanks to this twist colander. The colander comes with an ergonomically-friendly handle, allowing you to strain with just one hand. It also rests in a bowl, which works double duty for soaking and washing. To strain, simply tilt the bowl to strain water.

Photo: Sur La Table
Le Creuset, Bistro Grill — $120.00

Originally $170, now $120

Reminiscing about a good ole’ outdoor barbecue? Take the grilling indoors using Le Creuset’s Bistro Grill. The ribbed pan evenly distributes heat to cook meats and veggies while draining away fat. It also leaves grill marks similar to the ones made by charcoal grills. Since it’s coated with black enamel, the interior and exterior stay resistant to scratches and chipping. Grill mastery awaits!

Photo: Sur La Table
Kitchenaid, Artisan Stand Mixer — $400.00

Originally $450, now $400

Love baking? KitchenAid’s mixer will be your new best friend. Using a strong motor and ten speeds, this machine will mix batters in minutes. In addition to a stainless steel mixing bowl, you’ll receive three mixing heads-flat beater, wire whisk, and dough hook-to whisk meringues and knead dough. The mixer comes in your classic black and white, as well as fun colors like yellow, pink, lavender.

Photo: Sur La Table
Miyabi Hibana, 4-Piece Steak Knife Set — $400.00

Originally $775, now $400

Calling all at-home cooks and professionals—add these fancy knives to your cart, STAT. Each knife in this 4-piece set has been sharpened using the three-step Honbazuke process, a traditional Japanese sharpening method. This process makes the blades so sharp that they can cut even the roughest of meats beautifully. What’s more, the handles have been curved and triple-riveted for extra comfort.

Photo: Sur La Table
Greenpan, 13-Piece Cookware Set — $400.00

Originally $985, now $400

If you’re in need of new pots and pans, we’d suggest the GreenPan set. Nearly 60 percent off, this 13-piece set is a steal. You’ll receive three nonstick skillets, three made-to-last sauce pans with lids, one sauté, and a stockpot. There’s no limit to what you’ll be able to chef up next with this set.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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