The Surfer-Girl Approved Beauty Products to Wear All Summer Long

Photo: Seymour Templar
Female surfers are called surfer babes for a reason. Just look at their sun-kissed skin, perfectly salted hair, and carefree attitude—they're the epitome of badass. The best part? Their beauty vibe is all about minimalism.

"I'm my best self after a dip in the sea," says Meg Haywood Sullivan, surfer, environmentalist, and photographer. "Nothing beats a stoked-out smile."

"Nothing beats a stoked-out smile."

A smile, a fresh dose of vitamin D, and salt water reign supreme in a surfer girl's beauty regimen—of course, it's hard to get dolled up when you're in and out of the ocean all day. "I keep my skin-care and makeup routines as natural and simple as possible, starting from what I eat to the reef-safe sunscreen I slather on my face," says Sullivan. "Less is more and quality over quantity outshines all."

The founder of EiR, a beauty brand that epitomizes surfer-girl chic, echoes her sentiments. "I'm all about keeping it simple," notes Jun Lee, the brand's founder and surf enthusiast. "I feel best early in the morning surfing before work: no makeup, dewy, and sun-kissed."

Both listen to their complexion and give it what it needs—going with the flow, if you will. "I know we all know this, but staying hydrated makes all the difference," says Sullivan. "I keep my face dewy throughout the day with oils—I tuck mine into my surf bag so it's with me all the time."

But taking heed of environmental assailants and too much sun exposure is par for the course. "I'm a huge fan of hats—they keep the UVA/UBA sun rays off of my face and the eye strain to a minimum," she adds. Lee notes that she always applies heavy-duty sun protection, too. "I apply it in all types of weather and hours of the day," she says. "I use Surf Mud Pro which is reef safe with clean ingredients and 100 percent compostable packaging, so I don't feel I'm further damaging the ocean that is giving me so much."

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