14 Ways to Upgrade Your Sweaters-With-Leggings Look

Photo: Stocksy/Michelle Moore

Sweater weather is a state of mind as much as a season. Even if you're still breaking a sweat a couple times a day (outside the gym), that "it's fall!" feeling takes over. It seems like as soon as the clock strikes midnight on October 1, it's officially time to pull out anything and everything cashmere, chenille, and wool (along with your Halloween decorations).

And when it comes to athleisure dressing, the name of the game is layering. Luckily, activewear doesn't exactly go through seasonal fabric changes (imagine clipping into your spin bike in wool pants), it's about adding onto your look with the help of your fall wardrobe staples. And the sweaters-with-leggings combo is arguably the most comfy outfit you'll wear all year—whether your pullover is the focal point of your look (paired with black leggings), or an understated piece to complete a whole unicorn-inspired thing.

But how do you make it chic? Here are 14 picks to upgrade your go-to leggings look.

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