The Workout Wear That Could Soon Be More Popular Than Leggings

Photo: Something Navy

You're a true-blue leggings addict and can be spotted wearing your fave black pair everywhere—to your sweat sesh, your women's circle, and even the office. After all, there's pretty much no inappropriate time to wear the athleisure staple (duh). (Got it, United Airlines?)

But fashion blogger Arielle Noa Charnas of Something Navy says something may soon replace them as your go-to workout wear: sweatpants. And today she's launched a collaboration with the brand Monrow that's chock-full of them (and other so-soft-you-can-live-in-them activewear essentials).

"Everyone's wearing sweatpants to work out in right now—they're making them more fun and interesting than your plain [pair]."

So are they the new workout tights? "100 percent," says Charnas without skipping a beat. "Everyone's wearing sweatpants to work out in right now. They're making them more fun and interesting than your plain sweatpant—I have a pair with a lightning bolt on the side and some from Aviator Nation with stripes down the leg. They're definitely taking over leggings." (Gasp.)

The baggy look actually provides some breathing room for your legs (while still being totally box-jump-ready), as opposed to your fave bold printed Lululemons. And Charnas says that despite the name, they're not necessarily going to make you sweat more. "Nothing's touching your legs, so it's really not uncomfortable," she says. "I never really liked the feeling of tight leggings hugging my legs when working out and sweating."

Not to mention an added bonus—you of course can't sleep in your fave printed pair of tights, but sweats are snooze-approved. Charnas admits she does that in a perfect multitasking move. "It sounds weird but I sleep in my sweatpants and I'd rather not change in the morning for my workout," she says. "I just go straight to it in whatever I slept in. Amanda [Kloots] doesn't know that, it's gross."

Since this trend is a total 180 from the typical tight pant, Charnas notes that sweatpants call for different tops. "With sweatpants I just wear a sports bra so I'm balancing it out," explains Charnas. "That combo makes you look really cute. I'll also tie up a soft shirt into a knot just so I have some air on my body when I'm exercising."

Need a visual to understand the appeal? Scroll down to check out some of the coolest pairs out there.

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