If Watching TV and Drinking Wine in the Bath Is Your Idea of Heaven, This Swivel Tray Will Take the Experience to the Next Level

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I'm a bath girl through and through. Hours can go by before I'm ready to get out—and that's because I've perfected my environment. I light a candle and get the water nearly scalding hot. I add tons of bubble bath and, most importantly, body oil to protect my skin from the drying effect of said scalding water. I set up a fan outside of the tub and aim it at me so I can enjoy the heat without sweating profusely. And finally, I set up my laptop so I can watch YouTube and movies whilst I soak.

That last step used to involve dragging a chair from my dining table into the bathroom to hold the laptop. But now that I've got the Swivel Bath Tray ($50), I can set my comp up on the edge of my tub in seconds. Plus, it's big enough to also hold a drink or two.

Creating the perfect tub environment allows for me to fully immerse myself and escape from the outside.

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"Most bathtubs are created to comfortably fit only one person; as a result, baths are the perfect opportunity to carve out solo self-care time without offending anyone," says Carla Marie Manly, PhD, clinical psychologist and author of Joy From Fear ($20). "And, by simply closing the door to the bathroom, a sacred space is created that naturally allows you to leave the world behind."

Before I met this bath tray, I hated them. Traditional trays get in the way of true lounging. For example, while bathing, I like to cross my legs or rest my feet atop the faucet—a tray doesn't allow for this. Plus, they're incredibly precarious. I'd never trust bamboo and hope to securely suspend my computer above a tub full of water.

The Swivel Bath Tray, created by a team of designers from Kikkerland and the Pratt Institute, eliminates the above concerns. It holds any tub companions off to the side, providing freedom to move about the water as I please. And in addition to a suction cup, it uses the side of the tub as support, so I know my belongings will stay put. And on the off chance something does go wrong, I have my tray set up with the suction cup on the inside of the tub, so if it does fall out of place (which it hasn't in the three months I've used it) whatever is on top tumbles to the ground, not into the water.

Watching TV in the tub is one of my favorite activities, and this tray allows me to do that with ease. I cannot just sit idly and soak—and that's A-okay.

"Bathtubs create the ideal environment for any range of enjoyable activities. Although some like to do nothing more than absorb soothing bath waters, others find baths the perfect time to read, meditate, journal, and listen to music," says Dr. Manly. "Still, others find that bath time provides the perfect opportunity to dive into social media, watch movies, shop online, and listen to podcasts. While certain people believe that baths and food shouldn’t mix, others find that coffee, tea, cookies, and other yummies are the perfect addition to a luscious bath experience. And, of course, some love to augment their bath experience with scalp massages, manicures, and other self-care treats. So, when it comes to baths, nothing is off-limits as long as you enjoy your bathing experience."

Having a sturdy, side-of-tub table has been an absolute game-changer for me. If you think you could benefit from a similar setup, the Swivel Bath Tray is just a click away. Let purchasing it bring you closer to curating your perfect soaking sanctuary.

"Baths don’t need to be a one-size-fits-all experience," says Dr. Manly. "In fact, you may find that you have a yearning for different types of baths depending on your mood and stress level. What’s most important is that you slow down to create a tailor-made bath experience that gives you the time-out you need, want, and deserve."

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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