The Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of a Ladybug Landing on You

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The song that comes on the radio that has just the message you needed to hear, the tarot card you pulled that captured exactly what you’re going through, or the repeating angel numbers you keep seeing everywhere—these are all examples of ways we receive cosmic messages from the universe (or angels, or spirit, whatever resonates with you). 

Add to that list real-life encounters with certain animals—or in this case, insects—that can also deliver mystical messages. Below, learn the symbolic meaning of ladybugs. Spoiler alert: It’s definitely a positive sign—and bonus points if it lands on you.

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The symbolic and spiritual meaning of a ladybug landing on you

“When a ladybug lands on you, it symbolizes good luck and good fortune to come,” says Jenelle Kim, DACM, L.Ac, a doctor of Chinese medicine, wellness and mindfulness expert, and author of Myung Sung: The Korean Art of Living Meditation. “Ladybugs are native to East Asia, so this belief is common in many Asian countries and has become a symbol in spiritual exploration today.” She adds that other symbolic meanings of ladybugs include prosperity, love, and that positive things are coming.  

The meaning of different colored ladybugs

Furthermore, in case you didn’t know, ladybugs can also be various colors. So the color of the ladybug that lands on you can also offer some further intel. According to Dr. Kim, the bright red and black spotted ladybugs bring the most good luck benefits and are particularly auspicious and extra lucky. But, gold ladybugs are also considered special and unique, like finding a four-leaf clover. 

The meaning of seeing a dead ladybug

Seeing a ladybug, in general, can offer some messages, even if it doesn’t land on you. For instance, Dr. Kim says seeing a dead ladybug means that “rebirth and change is coming your way. It symbolizes needing to forgive yourself and move forward.”

The meaning of seeing a ladybug in your dreams

Or, if you see a ladybug in your dreams that delivers some messages as well. “Since many people associate ladybugs with childhood and playing outside, ladybugs in our dreams often symbolize our own feelings of wanting to connect with our inner self and inner child,” Dr. Kim says. 

What to do if a ladybug lands on you

1. Appreciate the moment

The spiritual messages a ladybug can bring are special, for sure, but it’s what you do with those messages that matters. For this reason, when a ladybug lands on you, Dr. Kim recommends taking a moment to pause, acknowledge the ladybug, notice the sign of good luck, and really appreciate the moment. Take it in. She adds that this is also a reminder to feel gratitude and appreciation for all the good fortunes and blessings already in your life. 

2. Focus on what you want to manifest

“In life, we can only control so much. I always say it breaks down to about 80/20,” Dr. Kim says. “The universe controls 80 percent, while we control 20 percent, but with that 20 percent, we can shape our whole reality.” This is why when a ladybug lands on you, she suggests using it as an opportunity to connect with yourself and be intentional about what desires you wish would come your way. 

“Focus on how you see your life improving or what good fortune you see coming your way and give yourself a moment to really resonate with what that would feel like,” Dr. Kim says. “For one moment, we can envision it perfectly and feel as if it is so. Holding on to this feeling and allowing it to direct you as you create your own reality can be extremely powerful. It can take the good luck and multiply it.”

3. Interpret your own messages

Like with other spiritual messages (i.e., tarot and oracle cards or signs from the universe), knowing the signs' traditional symbolic and spiritual meaning can be super helpful in interpreting the messages. But, ultimately, the message it has for you specifically may be unique to you. 

To interpret your own meaning of a ladybug landing on you, Dr. Kim recommends taking a moment to reflect and connect with yourself through meditation or movement like dancing or walking, which helps increase the flow of qi (aka energy) in our bodies to help us feel more connected—mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Kim also notes that the context and setting you’re in when the ladybug lands on you can also contribute to the unique message it has for you. No matter the specific message, though, expect some good fortune coming soon. 


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