Taco Bell Wants You to Eat Junk Food Even While You’re Getting Exercise

Photo: Instagram/@tacobell
As a civilized human being, you eat all your meals, mindfully sitting at the table and meditating on each bite. Right? In a perfect world maybe, but some days, ain't nobody got time for that. Sometimes you have to grab and go.

In those moments, chances are you reach for a granola bar or banana. Ever think about eating some loaded nachos? It sounds crazy, but Taco Bell is trying to make it a thing.

Today Food reports that the food chain is currently testing out its newest menu item, walking nachos, at a few key locations. Basically, it's a pile of chips, guac, salsa, sour cream, nacho cheese, and ground beef all mixed together in a foil pouch you can walk and eat with. This is the same chain that stuffed Cheetos into burritos, so they seem pretty obsessed with us cramming down the most unhealthy food as possible in grab-and-go form.

Taco Bell isn't the only brand coming up with ways to usurp the banana as the go-to walk-and-eat food, though. Lunchables now has "walkables," including chili pie tacos, taco potato chips, and double cheese pizza, which you heat in the microwave and then eat with a fork. Um, Lunchables, hate to break it to you, but New Yorkers virtually invented eating pizza on the go—and it doesn't involve a fork.

As health food trends are getting smarter (popping a sweet potato in the toaster to use as a bread swap—genius), it seems the junk food industry is getting dumber. What's next? Fried chicken as a bread swap? Oh wait...

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