This New Matcha Latte Leaves You Totally Inspired, Not Wired

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Matcha is a caffeinated superstar that's as good for your energy levels as it is your body. From its sky-high antioxidant levels to its high concentration of epigallocatechin gallate, (EGCG,) a compound linked to lowering inflammation and reducing the risk of cancer, it's no wonder the matcha has serious staying power.

First sipped in the 12th century, matcha gets an upgrade in 2021. Taika, the brand behind "perfectly calibrated" coffee drinks, just launched a ready-to-drink matcha latte that's equally cool and collected as its caffeinated predecessors. The brand's whole ethos surrounds caffeine that gives you a boost of energy, but never the jitters. Each drinks is infused with healthy adaptogens and functional mushrooms to give you that alert, aware feeling you want from a good cup of coffee, without the wired, antsy side effects.

Taika's matcha latte is made with organic, ceremonial grade matcha that's sourced from a 100-year-old Japanese matcha producer (so you know it's the real deal) and creamy macadamia nut milk, that results in decadent, luscious blend that goes down smooth. While some matcha ha  a bitter taste, Taika's is deslightfully refreshing, never stale or chalky.

Taika Matcha Latte (Case of 12) — $59.00

This creamy matcha latte contains 60mg of caffeine in every can plus a healthy blend of adaptogens and functional mushrooms. That way you get all the boost, but never a crash.

“Our new adaptogenic Matcha Latte gives people another way to do that and builds on our existing product line of outrageously delicious, perfectly calibrated beverages that are authentically good for you," said Taika CEO and co-founder Michael Sharon, per a press release.

While the taste is unrivaled, its the "perfectly calibrated" formulation that steals the show. Those adaptogens and functional mushrooms are carefully selected to achieve a level of "caffeination" to leave you bright-eyed not bouncing off the walls.

Learn the difference between green tea and matcha:

Some stand-out compounds include L-Theanine, an amino acid naturally found in tea leaves that produces a calming effect and naturally sweetens the tea, and ashwagandha, another natural relaxer. The mushrooms are equally healthy, too—there's Lion's Mane for memory and brain function, Reishi for stress relief, and Cordyceps militaris for stamina and tuning up the body. All of these "work synergistically with caffeine to sustain creativity and keep consumers feeling inspired, not wired," the press release says.

With 60mg of caffeine in every can (just half the amount of Taika's coffee products), Taika's matcha latte is an indulgent treat that gives your brain and body a boost sans crash. There's no coffee sweats, no anxiety, no heart-jumping-out-of-your-mouth sensation—it's a dreamy drink you'll want to stock your 'fridge with.  Try a 12 pack for $59, or subscribe for shipments every 2, 4, and 6-weeks and save 20 percent off your orders.


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