Tanya B: a Bright Light in Yoga Fashion

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Tanya Boulton designs head-turning clothes for yogis who want to stand out.

Tanya-B Collection
Photo via Tanya-B

Yoga instructor Tanya Boulton had a fashion epiphany. “On the streets my students were so stylish—you really saw their taste. But in the yoga studio, they wore black Lululemon head to toe,” explains Boulton.

Not that Boulton, 33—who was born in Hong Kong, raised in California, and now teaches at Pure Yoga in New York—is categorically opposed to black Lululemon clothes. But the yogi-turned-fashion designer felt compelled to dress her students in workout clothing that was as expressive and vibrant as their practice.

“When you’re doing yoga, it’s a very goddess-like movement,” Boulton says. “It’s very feminine, sacred, and beautiful. I think that women should feel that way when they’re practicing.”

Tanya B
Boulton shows off her signature tie-dye halter

Vision, she certainly didn't lack for. But Boulton did need someone with the technical chops to help her design the collection. Luckily, she met Karin Ulmander, a "fabrics genius," in Hong Kong and the two hit it off.

The brand’s biggest seller is its signature tie-dye halter ($59), which has a sturdy built-in bra, a sexy open back, and serious fashion appeal. Boulton says it's designed for the woman who wants to leave class and look stylish while she’s out running errands or grabbing lunch with friends.

These clothes are for a broader, urban audience. "Not every person is out there hugging trees,” Boulton laughs. “There’s a big population of people who don’t have ‘om’ tattooed on their back." —Catherine Pearson

For more information, check out www.tanya-b.com

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