15 on-Sale Products From Target to Turn Your Shower From Blah to Spa

Photo: Getty Images/Hero Images
With the help of some lush plants and a little eucalyptus around your shower head, your bathroom can quickly go from blah to spa. The #spalife, isn't just about those #feelgood vibes that send you straight into relaxation-mode, though—it's also about the products you want nothing more than to sneak home with you. And thanks to Target, you don't have to go another day without them.

The company is challenging Amazon Prime Day with its own one-day, online-only sale by giving 25 percent off all the beauty finds you might not normally treat yourself to during your average Target run. Between hair-strengthening shampoos and conditioners as well as facial cleansing brushes and a nourishing hair masks, these are the products that will totally upgrade your shower routine, pretty much turning every day into a spa day.

15 shower products from Target that are 25% off today-only.

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