This 58-Year-Old Shopper Says This ‘Dewy’ Cream Makes Her Face Feel ‘Fresh and Young’—And It’s 20% Off

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When it comes to splurge-worthy skin-care formulas, it’s impossible for us not to think of Tatcha and all of the incredible formulas that are inspired by centuries-old Japanese beauty traditions. Loved by celebrities with the best skin (hello, Meghan Markle, Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Aniston!), Tatcha’s skin creams, cleansers, serums, and masks are some of the most coveted beauty formulas on the market.

Whether you’re a dedicated customer like we are on team W+G, or have always wanted to try one (or several) of the brands’ best-selling skincare formulas, this week is the best time to stock up on all things Tatcha skin care, as the luxury skin-care brand is hosting its Friends & Family Sale. 

From June 16 through June 25, get 20 percent off the entire Tatcha site, no minimum purchase necessary. That means steep discounts on everything from The Dewy Skin Cream (which customers rave about for its anti-aging perks—more on that, below) to The Silk Sunscreen to our favorite Violet-C Brightening Serum

Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream
The Dewy Skin Cream — $56.00

Originally $70, now $56

The Dewy Skin Cream from Tatcha is one of the brand’s best-selling products, thanks to its ultra-nourishing formula that is designed to hydrate and plump the skin for a smooth and supple texture. Enhanced with potent skin-care ingredients such as hyaluronic acid—which is known for its ability to attract moisture to the skin—along with Japanese purple rice and Okinawa algae blend, this antioxidant-rich cream is designed to protect the complexion from harsh environments and stress while also restoring the skin’s moisture barrier and greeting an inner glow that puts any makeup highlighter to shame.

In a review of The Dewy Skin Cream, one 58-year-old customer said their skin feels “so fresh and young” after using the moisturizing while also raving about the way the formula left their mature skin type with a gorgeous glow. Whether you have mature skin or are looking for a preventative formula to add to your skin-care routine, this cream can support your daily regimen.

Size: 1.7 ounces (full size), 2.5 ounces (gratitude size), 0.34 ounces (mini)

Ingredients: Japanese purple rice, Okinawa algae blend, hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts

What we’re eyeing at the Tatcha Friends & Family sale

Tatcha The Silk Sunscreen SPF 50
The Silk Sunscreen SPF 50 — $50.00

Originally $62, now $50

If you’re on the hunt for a luxe sunscreen that not only protects the skin from UV rays, but also promotes skin-care benefits, look no further than The Silk Sunscreen from Tatcha. Formulated with 10 percent zinc oxide for SPF 50 protection, this weightless sunscreen goes on like a moisturizer and provides the skin with deep nourishment and hydration, thanks to its included niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

Additionally, this sunscreen features silk extract which is rich in amino acids and, since it’s similar to human skin’s amino acid structure, it supports overall skin health through lightweight hydration and an impressive glow factor. Originally $62, you can now score a full-size jar of this best-selling sunscreen formula for just under $50.

Size: 1.7 ounces (full size), 0.5 ounces (mini)

Ingredients: 10% zinc oxide, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, silk extract

Tatcha The Kissu Lip Mask
The Kissu Lip Mask — $23.00

Originally $29, now $23

From discomfort to uneven texture, there’s nothing more annoying to deal with than dry lips. To combat this, we love The Kissu Lip Mask, which is currently on sale for $23. This impressive lip mask goes on like a lip balm and features Japanese peach extract, which is actually a centuries-old Japanese beauty secret and known for repairing damaged lips. It also features Japanese camellia oil for its oleic acid, vitamins, and omegas, plus squalane for deeper nourishment.

Size: 0.32 ounces

Ingredients: Japanese peach extract, Japanese camellia oil, squalane

Tatcha The Silk Serum
The Silk Serum — $78.00

Originally $98, now $78

Tatcha makes a retinol alternative that is truly next-level. The Silk Serum is formulated with a blend of cranberry extract and sea fennel, and is lauded for its ability to support collagen production and revitalize skin texture without causing irritation or skin purging like its retinol counterpart.

It also features silk proteins to further support the skin’s texture and provide deep nourishment while plumping the complexion along with the brand’s Hadasei-3 formula which is a blend of Akita rice, Uji green tea, and Okinawa algae and rich in amino acids to support the skin’s moisture barrier. With regular use, this luxe skin-care formula can transform the skin’s moisture barrier and help target fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness, and help provide a firming effect, too.

Size: 1 ounce (full size), 0.34 ounces (mini)

Ingredients: Cranberry extract, sea fennel, silk protein, Hadasei-3

Tatcha Violet-C Brightening Serum
Violet-C Brightening Serum — $71.00

Originally $89, now $71

For one of the best vitamin C serums you’ll ever try, you’ll want to add Violet-C Brightening Serum to your cart. On sale for $71, the potent skin formula features 20 percent vitamin C along with Japanese beautyberry to double up on the benefits of vitamin C, which include protection against environmental aggressors, brightening, and skin plumping. This luxe formula also features 10 percent mild fruit alpha hydroxy acids to slough away dead skin cells and resurface skin texture for a smoother complexion as well as Japanese angelica root which is a centuries-old solution for targeting dark spots and discoloration caused by acne scars.

Size: 1 ounce

Ingredients: 20% vitamin C, Japanese beautyberry, 10% mild fruit AHAs, Japanese angelica root

Tatcha The Deep Cleanse
The Deep Cleanse — $32.00

Originally $40, now $32

For oily and acne-prone skin types, The Deep Cleanse is a miracle worker. This formula is enhanced with Japanese luffa fruit to gently exfoliate the skin, Japanese wild rose for its balancing properties, and Japanese leopard lily to calm the complexion. As the name suggests, the skin-care formula provides a deep cleanse without stripping the skin and disrupting oil production, so you’re left with a more balanced complexion that feels clean and revitalized. Originally $40 but on sale for $32, this non-comedogenic Tatcha face wash is a must-try.

Size: 5 ounces

Ingredients: Japanese luffa fruit, Japanese wild rose, Japanese leopard lily

Tatcha The Clarifying Clay Mask
The Clarifying Clay Mask — $56.00

Originally $70, now $56

Sales are our favorite times to stock up on face masks, especially more luxe options such as The Clarifying Clay Mask. Formulated with Okinawa kucha clay, which is known for its mineral-rich makeup that detoxes the skin and minimizes pores, along with Japanese konjac for its ability to slough away dead skin cell buildup and Japanese volcanic ash to purge the skin of excess oil, dirt, and debris, this face mask provides the complexion with a deep cleanse while also resurfacing the skin for a smoother finish. The best part? The face mask is normally $70 but you can get a full-sized jar on sale for just $56 right now.

Size: 1.7 ounces (full size), 0.34 ounces (mini)

Ingredients: Okinawa kucha clay, Japanese konjac, Japanese volcanic ash

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