We Found the Perfect Tea Pitchers for Making Hot or Cold Infusions at Home

There’s no shortage of kitchen gadgets that can make your life easier—instant pots, air fryers, blenders, and food processors, to name a few. But another you may want to add to your countertop or fridge is a tea pitcher, which can be used to steep both hot and cold herbal blends. Before you pass because you prefer to caffeinate with coffee, you should know that there’s more than one way to use these multipurpose carafes to your advantage.

One of our favorite alternative uses for a tea pitcher is making infused water at home. Not only is it a simple way to next-level your H20 experience, but you may also find yourself more motivated to hydrate properly, which can aid digestion, support glowy skin, and generally help your body function better.

Their built-in strainers are ideal for catching tea leaves, yes, but also other herbs, spices, vegetable slices, or pieces of fruit before they plop into your drinking glass. Below are four of our favorite tea pitchers for doing just that.

Supernatural Tea Pitcher — $48.50

Hitting your H2O goals gets a lot easier with this carafe that holds 50 ounces of water. It’s made out of heat-resistant glass, so you can use it for hot or cold infusions, and it has a straining lid that’s perfect for using with loose-leaf tea or herbs.

Hydros Water Filter Pitcher — $32.00

Not only can you add bagged tea, lemon, slices of cucumber or other aromatics to this 64 oz. pitcher to infuse your water, but it also has a filter that’s able to eliminate impurities at the same time.

S’Well Teakwood Carafe — $60.00

Thanks to its spout and slim neck, it looks just like a traditional carafe, but has the added benefit of S’well’s triple-layered, vacuum-insulated construction to keep things cold (or hot) longer. Plus, thanks to its food-grade stainless steel construction, this carafe is just about unbreakable.

Susteas Glass Pitcher — $19.54

Simple and sleek by design, this pitcher holds 68 oz. of water, has a wide-mouth opening, making it easier to clean, and is stovetop-friendling, meaning you can boil water right inside of it like you would a traditional kettle.

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