Tempo’s New Compact Smart Gym Costs Less Than a 1-Year Gym Membership

When Tempo launched its smart gym back in 2019, it was as close as at-home fitness ever came to mimicking the in-class experience. The equipment—which includes a 42-inch free-standing screen and a competition-grade set of 7.5 to 100-pound weights—used artificial intelligence to track users' form via motion sensors. At the time, it was revolutionary, but at $2,495, it wasn't exactly "accessible." Today, the brand launched the Tempo Move ($395), which offers the same form-tracking functions as the original equipment for less than a sixth of the price.

Instead of requiring you to purchase a big piece of equipment, the Move utilizes the camera on your iPhone (for now it's only iOS enabled) to provide form feedback and it displays on your home TV. There are thousands of pre-programmed workouts that you can follow along with on-screen, and you'll get feedback and corrections as you go. It will tell you when it's time to level up your weights, when it's time to push through for one more rep, and (most importantly) when it's time to take a break. In other words? It's the closest you'll ever get to having a personal trainer in your living room without having to spend a full month's rent for the sake of the cause.

This was exactly what the brand's founder and CEO, Moawia Eldeeb, had at the top of his mind when he was developing the original technology. "Brands often push classes and workouts led by a 'trainer' who can’t actually train," he previously told Well+Good. "If you’re doing something dangerously wrong with your form, you’ll never know." With Tempo's connected features, you'll be able to progress your workouts in a way that works for you while also avoiding injury.

The Move is designed to look like a small end table, so unlike your usual fitness equipment, it will blend seamlessly with your home decor. Plus, it only takes up 2.25 square feet of space, which means you can likely find a home for it in even the smallest studio apartments. Despite its compact size, the system contains 35 pounds in smart weights (four 1.25 pound plates, four 2.5 pound plates, and four 5 pound plates) which link up via Bluetooth so that the machine is able to track your progress and make suggestions and adjustments accordingly.

The Tempo Move is available for order today, and deliveries are expected in time for Christmas. Snag yours now, and get ready to say goodbye to your brick-and-mortar gym membership once and for all.

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