You’ll Be Able to Order Beyond Meat’s Cult-Fave Vegan Burgers at TGI Friday’s Soon

Photo: Instagram/@beyondmeat
TGI Friday's may be known for its jalapeno poppers and loaded potato skins, but the chain is about to garner a rep for serving up healthier fare, too: Starting in January, the restaurant chain will offer vegan burgers made with Beyond Meat at more than 465 of their locations, according to Fast Company.

In case you aren't familiar, Beyond Meat has soared in popularity for mimicking meat, with a taste and texture that seem like the real thing—the burger even "bleeds." The brand is becoming increasingly easy to find as well, sold in more than 1,000 restaurants, sporting arenas, schools, and even Kroger. In other words, it looks like Leonardo DiCaprio's investment sure paid off.

And as for TGI Friday's, the fast casual chain isn't as behind the healthy-eating curve as you might assume, either. Just last week, it unveiled a cocktail made with (wait for it): activated charcoal. The Beyond Meat menu item, however, is its first vegan burger option. And hey, maybe it's only the beginning. Imagine if it sells so well that they start making almond milk toasted s'more shakes and vegan buffalo wings? If that happens, TGIF-yeah!

This is just one indication of how healthy fast-casual eating is on the rise. Find out how else the food scene is transforming—and what that means for you. P.S. Even McDonald's is changing its ways.

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