3 Tasty Breakfast Recipes to Use up Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Thanksgiving day is great and everything—but if we're all being honest, the whole spread tastes way better on day two (... or five). Stuffing, sweet potatoes, gravy, turkey, and other dishes can elevate every single meal. (Ice cream smothered in cranberry sauce? Yes, please.) You may only have a few days to enjoy those leftovers, but we've got you covered with these thanksgiving leftover recipes.

Normally, you'd wait until lunch to dig in—but not with these recipes. Ahead, learn how to cook those leftovers into burritos, waffles, and eggs so that not a drop of food waste is created this year.

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3 Thanksgiving leftover breakfast recipes

1. Thanksgiving Leftover Breakfast Hash

Anything can be made into a hash—including Thanksgiving dinner. Food blogger Kathryn Doherty of "Family Food on the Table" sautées her favorite leftovers together and adds a fried egg on top for that extra special touch.

2. Thanksgiving Waffles

Imagine everything you love about Thanksgiving... but in a waffle. This recipe accomplishes that amazing feat, and somehow, it's really, really easy. Just mix your leftover stuffing into the batter, wait for it to cook, then top your waffle off with anything else you might like. Turkey, cranberry sauce, you get the picture.

3. Thanksgiving Breakfast Burritos

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As far as prepping goes, nothing could be easier than a Thanksgiving burrito. Simply select your choice of Thanksgiving side (and some turkey, if you like) and wrap it all up. Done and done.

How a dietitian makes the healthy Thanksgiving plate:

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This post was originally published on November 29, 2019; updated on November 24, 2020. 

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