The 7 Natural Beauty Products You Need When You’re Exhausted

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Have you ever hit your snooze button five times, crawled out of bed at the very last minute, and had to rush to get through your beauty routine to look work-appropriate? (Only like every day, right?) It's probably due to the oh-so-millennial dilemma of being so busy. Doing it all is exhausting.

Because that frazzled feeling can start to show up on your face (hello, dark circles), skin-care and makeup products that actually cater to the overworked and overly tired person—namely, everyone—are life-savers. "When you're exhausted, you don't just feel tired, you look tired," says Merrady Wickes, head of content and education at the natural beauty retailer The Detox Market. "Not getting enough shut-eye lowers your natural moisture levels, slows down your cell turnover, and just makes you feel awful." Preach.

So with little time to waste, you're going to need products that not only make you look good, but help to pep you up, too. Think ingredients like matcha, caffeine, and peppermint that awaken your senses and your complexion with one fell swoop.

"When in doubt, fake it with a glowy highlighter."

"You need to get moisture into your skin with a dewy face oil and boost skin renewal with an active mask," notes Wickes. "When in doubt, of course, fake it with a glowy highlighter." Also key are invigorating mists—with refreshing aloe vera, for instance—and cooling muscle balms for an instant pick-me-up, she adds. "Keep these at your desk for that notorious 4 p.m. lull." The struggle is real.

Keep reading for the 7 essential beauty products for faking a full night's rest.

beauty products exhausted people
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Amly Digital Detox Face Mist, $58

Staring at a computer screen all day is draining—literally. That's why a spritz of this mist—which contains energy-cleansing frankincense, purifying magnesium salt, and Marine Actives—is perfect for bringing harmony back to your skin. "This is specifically formulated to combat skin stress caused by too much digital stimulation and environmental pollution," says Wickes. "It can also aid in concentration." Yes, please.

beauty products for exhausted people
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African Botanics Resurrection Eye Creme, $95

When I'm exhausted, I reach for an almond milk latte. So it comes as no surprise that coffee works doubly as an awakening ingredient for your skin—particularly that delicate area around your eyes. Caffeine has even been shown to reduce puffiness, which makes it a dream remedy for early mornings and late nights. This cream from African Botanics not only has coffee, but antioxidant-rich green tea extract and hydrating marula oil and Baobab to revitalize your complexion.


beauty products exhausted people
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Yuni Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel, $18

Being exhausted comes with serious physical repercussions—for example, you might have trouble bouncing back after a grueling workout "If you're achey and sore, this is your new best friend," says Wickes. "Arnica gel is intensely cooling, and this comes in a genius roll-on stick. And it absorbs without needing to rub it in, which is good news if you've ever gotten Tiger Balm in your eye." Green tea and eucalyptus extract will wake your muscles right back up.

beauty products exhausted people
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Maya Chia Super Couple Face Serum, $86

Tired skin calls for extra nutrients, like this nourishing face oil that's chock-full of antioxidants. "This features superfood chia oil and super-antioxidant astaxanthin to bring vitality back to your skin," says Wickes. "It's really lightweight, but supremely hydrating." The one-two punch of those powerful ingredients combined with omega fatty acids zap life into dull complexions.

beauty products for exhausted people
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Captain Blankenship Avocado and Peppermint Balm, $24

One of the most invigorating ingredients out there is peppermint oil—the recognizable scent is antimicrobial, antifungal, an antioxidant, and a stimulant. Oh, and it can help ease headaches and IBS. So this balm is a godsend to rub on any dry spots for a quick pick-me-up. Plus, the fatty acids from trusty avocado works wonder on dry skin. Pro tip: Rub on the bottom of your feet for a full-body reset.

beauty products exhausted people
Photo: RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty Luminizer Quad, $48

From the creator of the cult-fave highlighter comes not one, but four luminizer options to fake radiance even if you're running on empty. "If you can't get eight hours of sleep, you probably need a highlighter," says Wickes. "This brand-new palette has four gorgeously glowing shades to dab on your cheekbones, eyes, brow bones, and Cupid's bow to look instantly well-rested." Not to mention, this set also has hydrating coconut and jojoba oils (score).

odacite mask
Photo: Odacite

Odacite Synergie Immediate Skin-Perfecting Masque, $59

What better way to rejuvenate an exhausted complexion than with a high-power mask? "We say go big or go home with this 4-in-1 formula," says Wickes. "The water-activated probiotic formula works to detox, exfoliate, brighten, and firm." Basically, it'll do it all (just like your #boss self)—and you can even customize it by adding honey, fruit, or yogurt for an upgraded treatment.

If you want to fight the problem at its source, here are 5 rules a sleep doctor follows to get perfect zzz's every night. You could also take Mandy Moore's brilliant advice for a good night's sleep.

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