The Best Apple Watch Prime Day Deals You Don’t Want To Miss

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From steps to blood oxygen, there are more metrics you can track in your body than ever before. If you're an Apple user, there's no better way to do that than with an Apple Watch. That's because an Apple Watch and an iPhone work together to help you get a full picture of your overall health. Plus, the latest version, the Apple Watch Series 7, comes crammed with ways to promote and track your fitness, including a trial membership to the subscription exercise platform Apple Fitness+. And it's on sale Prime Day!

That's right, even Apple Watches are up for grabs. You can also expect deals on fitness equipment, cookware, mattresses, and dozens of popular beauty items during the retailer's big e-commerce holiday.

What’s more, experts say that tracking certain metrics, specifically heart rate, can be super valuable to help you get in touch with your body and live an active life. "Your heart rate is an amazing tool to showcase how your body's reacting to the individual workout, and it's a significant upgrade versus just going by 'feel,' which levels up the knowledge base around overtraining, lack of sleep, and other effects that aren't recognized by the average fitness consumer,"Joanna Stahl, trainer and founder of Go2Practice, previously told Well+Good. "The data is easily available, it makes you a better athlete, creates awareness and intensity around your workouts, and showcases your results to review, be proud of, and grow from."

There are other heart rate trackers out there, but nothing works quite as seamlessly with your iPhone as the Apple Watch. If you're ready to take the smart watch plunge, today is a great day to do that. Thanks to Prime Day, the latest Apple Watches are on sale, an event as rare as a total solar eclipse.

Here are the best Apple Watch Prime Day deals

apple watch series 7
Apple Watch Series 7 — $309.00

Originally $429, now $309

Wait—a most up-to-date Apple Product? On Sale? For nearly 30-percent off??? The Apple Watch Series 7 came out in 2021 and features a bigger, always on screen that’s more durable and dust-proof, with faster charging and fitness features galore. It’s the state of the art smart watch, period. This one comes with the bigger screen size of 45mm in a sleek midnight aluminum case, but the smaller size (41mm) is also discounted here from $399 to $279.

apple watch SE
Apple Watch SE — $219.00

Originally $279, now $219

Whe Apple Watch Series 7 is certainly impressive, not everyone wants or needs that high tech of a health device (and the price tag that comes with it). Enter: the Apple Watch SE, which is a smart watch and fitness tracker, sans the medical features. It’ll get you closing your rings and staying on top of your texts from your wrist at a more affordable price, with just as cool of an Apple Watch look. This model comes with a 41mm screen with a space grey aluminum case.

apple watch series 6
Apple Watch Series 6 — $249.99

Originally $369.99, now $249.99

The Apple Watch Series 6 came out in 2020 and packed a punch with health features like ECG monitoring and an always-on display. The Series 7 added the option for a bigger screen, faster charging, and a new chip powering the watch. But experts say that the changes were not that significant in terms of functionality, and that the Series 6 is still a great watch. So if you want to join the Apple Watch family but don’t need the newest, shiniest iteration, this on-sale Series 6—in red!—may be for you.


Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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