Nutrition School Is Now in Session, and Its Dean Is Keri Glassman

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When renowned nutritionist and prolific author Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN, was first starting out in the field, she made herself a binder that outlined her exact protocol for seeing clients. "I always thought of it as a nutrition practice in a box," she says.

She revealed the contents to the wider world when she launched The Nutritious Life Studio in 2014 (at the time it was called the Nutrition School), unveiling a 12-week online education program (plus bonus expert classes) that delivers an entirely new kind of nutrition training.

The program provides practical advice that helps RDs build their businesses, while also allowing other wellness pros—like trainers, yoga teachers, and healthy chefs—to add nutrition credentials to their resumes.

Coursework for The Nutritious Life Studio focuses on topics like how to counsel clients effectively, how to keep up with and share new scientific research with clients, and also how to turn a passion for healthy eating into a viable business, she explains, things that go beyond being able to discuss the composition and benefits of kale (although that has got to be a pre-req in this day and age).

The inspiration

Glassman is known for her well-rounded approach to eating (and living) well—which includes sleep, stress, and sex advice as often as it includes salad recipes—and for making it accessible. "I can give you that information in a way that's inspiring and motivates you to put it into practice."

But that style, which ultimately made her successful, took her some time to develop, she says, and recently qualified nutritionists often struggle to find their footing. "There’s a really big gap between getting your degree in clinical nutrition and then being able to apply it and have a private practice and actually help people. I want to bridge that gap for RDs and also embrace other people out there who are not RDs and are already giving out nutrition information," she says, like health coaches, personal trainers, and acupuncturists.

How it works

Twelve-week sessions run three times a year, with the next class starting April 15. Anyone can apply (the initial application is free), and Glassman and her team will accept a limited number of attendees to guarantee personal attention.

Once the online course commences, there’s a webinar for each week with attached handouts, and students must complete a quiz before moving on to the next lesson.

There's also tons of opportunities for Q&As with Glassman and her team, and those continue long after the program ends. Graduates—who are given the “Nutritious Life Certified” or NLC designation—gain access to an active alumni community filled with top wellness professionals. Questions about tough clients or new nutrition research, for example, are shared and discussed in the group, and Glassman is often present, answering questions and offering advice.

Graduates also are invited to attend annual in-person events around the country that feature leading wellness experts for the community to connect in person. And hey, now that The Nutrition School has graduates practicing nutrition in over a dozen countries, those could lead to some serious (healthy!) global partnerships in the future. —Lisa Elaine Held

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Originally posted June 15, 2014, updated March 25, 2019.

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