The Waterproof Headphones That Won’t Slip During My Sweatiest Workouts

Graphics: Well+Good Creative
In case you don't have a Google alert for "Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson" (as I do), here's the 411: in late May, the actor-slash-fitness-fanatic released a pair of headphones in partnership with Under Armour and JBL. The Project Rock's True Wireless Flash earbuds come with all the trappings of sporty ear-wear you see from Apple, Beats, Jaybird, and more. The only real diff? They're waterproof. Which, to anyone who likes to sweat reads: "will not slide out of your ear canals no matter how many burpees you do."

Upon first opening the packaging of the headphones, two words pop into my head: bad. ass. Each wireless bud displays the image of bull and the punchline "Blood. Sweat. Respect." is stamped on the packaging like a challenge. If that's not a slogan, I certainly don't know what is. As I slip them into the ear, I imagine I'm physically carrying the warrior spirit of The Rock in my eardrums (you know, like a total weirdo). The actor is the closest human equivalent to The Hulk, so I feel mighty as I stride into the gym, open Instagram, and find the strength training video I'll be relying on for my workout.

Once I've turned on my training playlist, I wedge the buds into my ears and turn the volume all the way up. (Disclaimer: This is terrible for you eardrums! You should never do it, just sayin'.) Cardi B. sings to me and suddenly I'm imagining a glorious scene in which she and The Rock are singing a duet. That image alone is enough to help me power through deadlifts, kipping attempts, and all the squats in between. Because, what a pair! And what a pair of headphones!

"Blood. Sweat. Respect."

When, at last, I remove them with sweaty, slightly shaking hands, I remember one more feature of The Rock's masterpiece. You see, the tips themselves are designed to be antimicrobial. So while your run-of-the-mill earbuds are probably germy AF after an hour dedicated to swoll, The Rock's are clean as a whistle. Or... you know, close to it.

Maybe slipping on shorts—not leggings—ups your confidence at the gym. Or, perhaps, you're more of a shell-out-on-cute-scrunchies and a 6-pocket sports bra kind of person. You do you. And if it just so happens that slipping on a certain pair of headphones inspires you to chant "Sweat. Blood. Respect" at yourself in the weight room (in The Rock's deep, sweet tone—nonetheless), then we are kindred spirits.

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