This Cindy Crawford-Approved Scarf-Slash-Throw Is the Perfect “Home-Wear”

Photo: Bleusalt
The question on fashion journalists' minds everywhere used to be: How do you take an outfit from day-to-night? The question on wellness (AKA hygge-minded) journalists' minds now isn't so different: How do you take an outfit from couch-to-out? So, when Lenny Kravitz braved the cool temps with a full-on blanket that doubled as an oversized scarf, he pretty much nailed "home-wears," (you know the goods from your house like blankets that work double-duty in the outside world).

When Lenny Kravitz braved the cool temps with a full-on blanket that doubled as an oversized scarf, he pretty much nailed "home-wears."

Whether you want to think of it as “decorating with a scarf” or “accessorizing with a throw” (tomato, to-mahto, IMO) interior design experts are all for this kind of double-duty decor. "When a scarf is as large as a standard sized throw blanket, it opens up the opportunity to mix up how you decorate your space,” says interior designer Abbe Fenimore, founder of Studio Ten 25, who loves using an oversized scarves in bold colors to pepper personality into a room without taking up much space. "It adds an element of cozy without the bulk on a sofa, armchair or on the foot of the bed.”

Bleu Salt The Wrap
Photo: Bleu Salt

To introduce some "one scarf fits all" styling into your own home, try a piece like eco-conscious lifestyle brand Bleusalt's sustainable “The Wrap,” which is basically a walking blanket. It's made of ultra-soft botanical fibers and is part shawl, part throw, so it easily functions as both.

“It is the piece you need at your desk, for travel, for the theater, après surf, après ski, at the beach, or even a night out,” says the brand's founder Lyndie Benson, basically confirming that it can, in fact, do it all. In other words, it's just as apt at keeping you cozy while watching This Is Us, as it is wrapping around yourself when you have to run to the grocery store for more popcorn and Kombucha.

To free up space in your already overflowing cashmere drawer, designer Caitlin Murray, founder of Black Lacquer Design, suggests putting your oversized cozies on display. "Scarves are a great way to do some fast, easy styling,” she says. "They can be neatly folded and tucked over the back of a sofa or chair, or placed at the base of the bed in place of a traditional throw. If shaped like a square or well-balanced rectangle, they can also be hung on the wall like a tapestry.” Sure, winter is coming here, but you—and your home—are now officially prepared.

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